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Analysts urge international community to mediate between Pakistan, India over Kashmir dispute to avoid any global catastrophe
September 10, 2019

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert):

India is in hot waters due to Pakistan's diplomatic efforts to highlight Kashmir issue at international front. International community is now taking notice of human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).China has also condemned Indian brutalities in IOK. India has received a sharp nudge from Human Rights Council and the Higher Commissioner in her statement has expressed deep concerns over the impact of recent actions from the government of India on the human rights of the people of Kashmir and asked India to lift curfew from the valley. The United States offers of mediation have global significance but India will never accept any political solution to Kashmir dispute. The United States also wants to resolve Kashmir issue to avoid any regional escalation between two nuclear states. India should realize that United Nations is very serious about the human rights situation in IOK.

Dr. Talat Wazarat (IR Expert):

India has cut off Occupied Kashmir form entire world and no international media is allowed to observe the real situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).People have no access to the communication, health and education facilities. Human rights experts and fact-finding missions should visit the area to observe the actual situation in Occupied Kashmir. The United States mediation offer is a good development; however the US government till now have not taken any practical step to resolve the issue. India should be compelled to hold free and internationally monitored plebiscite. United Nations should intervene and take appropriate steps in order to address humanitarian crises unfolded in Kashmir due to continuous clampdown.

Dr.Khurrum (IR Expert):

United Nations has shown deep concern regarding Human rights situation is Indian occupied Kashmir and Assam. No citizen should be stateless. Modi does not care about international norms and values. The United States is concerned about its economical gains only and does not seem serious about resolving humanitarian crises in Indian occupied Kashmir. The western world has folded a blind eye towards Indian atrocities and use human rights slogans for strategic interests only. Unfortunately Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has also kept criminal silence on the bloodshed of innocent Muslims in IOK India should realize that Kashmir is not its internal matter and any unilateral decision regarding IOK is not acceptable and against international laws.

Dr. Farooq Hasnat (IR Expert):

The people of Kashmir have been deprived of their basic remedies of life for last more than one month. United Nations has great responsibility towards alarming human rights situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. India has exceeded all its limits of atrocities to suppress the indigenous freedom movement. Kashmir is a challenge for the champions of human rights. International media has also highlighted the Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir. It is high time for United Nations to intervene and take practical steps against India to stop Indian state terrorism and ethnic cleansing in IOK. India should be pressurized to lift curfew immediately and ensure communication and health access to the people of Kashmir. Modi has converted the whole valley into a prison. There is a Karbala like situation in IOK and Modi is Yazeed of the time.

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa (IR Expert):

Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has conveyed a strong message to international community effectively that India is no more a secular state and minorities in India are not safe under Modi regime. RSS influenced BJP is following Hindutva ideology which is based on Hindu fundamentalism and extremism. Pakistan is committed to support Kashmir cause at every international forum. International community should realize that Kashmir is a flash point between two nuclear states and no peace can prevail in the region without resolving Kashmir dispute. Continuous clamp down in Indian occupied Kashmir is pre planned agenda of Indian fascist government to change demography of the region. Modi has destroyed the democratic face of India. It is high time for United Nations to intervene and take appropriate measures to avoid any catastrophe in the region.

Lt. Gen. Naeem Khalid Lodhi(Defense Analyst):

The martyrdom of Imam Hussein (R.A) is an example for the Muslims that he sacrificed his life for justice and truth. The people of Kashmir and Pakistan are linked with each other and we are always committed to stand with our Kashsmiri brethren for their legit right of self determination. It is a matter of high concern that people of Kashmir are dying due to unavailability of medical assistance. India should lift curfew immediately, a fact finding missions should be sent to Kashmir to observe post curfew situation in IOK and United Nations should send food and medicine supplies to the people of Kashmir. World powers should come forward to address post curfew alarming situation in IOK.

Dr. Zahid Anwer Khan (IR Expert):

The entire Pakistani nation is standing shoulder by shoulder with their Kashmiri brethren in the time of need. Pakistan is taking all diplomatic measures to raise Kashmir issue at international front. Pakistan has successfully sensitized the world regarding alarming human rights situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. Situation is Kashmir is not normal and it is heading towards further escalation between two nuclear states. A severe humanitarian crisis is emerging in Kashmir and international community should intervene to avoid any confrontation between two nuclear states. The people of Kashmir are eyeing upon Pakistan as their savior.

Dr.Huma Baqai (IR Expert):

Foreign Minister delivered a forceful address and effectively presented Kashmir case at international front. FM identified the efforts need to be taken by international community on immediate basis including restoration of internet, access to medical assistance and sending fact-finding mission to Indian Occupied valley to observe the actual human rights situation in Indian Occupied Valley. The world is concerned about what India is doing in Occupied Kashmir however remained fail to do something practical to pressurize India to stop atrocities in IOK. India's jingoism has posed serious threat to regional peace and International community should intervene to avoid any catastrophe.

Brig Retd Harris Nawaz (Defense Analyst):

Foreign Minister has effectively exposed Indian brutalities in Indian occupied Kashmir. Modi has converted the entire valley into a large prison. The continuous curfew in IOK has broken Indian claims of normalcy into piece. India is in hot waters due to Pakistan's efforts of exposing Indian hegemonic designs at international front. Unfortunately International community is not doing enough to pressurize India to stop bloodshed in IOK. It is responsibility of United nations to send fact-finding mission to observe the actual human rights situation in IOK. International community should realize that any delay in resolving Kashmir issue will end in catastrophe.