Tuesday, 04 August 2020, 10:18:14 am
ICJ, World Organization against Torture urge India to stop unlawful use of force
July 10, 2020

The International Commission of Jurists and the World Organization against Torture have called on India to stop unlawful use of force in the name of Covid 19 emergency in the country.

In a joint statement issued today (Friday), the World Organizaton against Torture and Intenrational Commission of Juristis highlighted a range of human rights violations, including severe restrictions on freedom of peaceful assembly and association, brutal repression of protest imposed in the name of the Covid-19 emergency.

The statement said we are alarmed over the increasingly violent and brutal repression of dissent in India and the arbitrary detention and harassment of activists and human rights defenders by the state in relation to their participation in peaceful protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, the National Population Register and the National Register of Citizens.

The statement said fabricated charges of sedition, murder, and terrorism under repressive anti-terror and national security laws have been filed against activists and human rights defenders participating in the protests.

It called on India to take urgent steps to ensure that its people enjoy the rights to express dissent and to participate in peaceful protests without fear of being arrested, brutally beaten, tortured or killed.