Friday, 25 May 2018, 09:57:54 am
US, Afghanistan not sincere in maintaining peace in region: Analyst
February 10, 2018

Dr Muhammad Khan (Defence Analyst):

Pakistan is located in a hostile region in the world. It is also a hilly area where goods and machinery are not easily transported. The Foreign Minister has rightly said that the US is playing blame game with Pakistan by leveling baseless allegations against it. Both the US and Afghanistan are not sincere in maintaining peace in the region. Afghanistan wants terrorists to infiltrate into Pakistani territory but Pakistan has categorically stated that it would not allow terrorists to enter on its soil from across Pak-Afghan border. It is an important issue which should be discussed on media and other platforms. The terrorists hidden in Afghanistan are periodically entering in Pakistan so it is need of hour to stop their easy access into Pakistan. Symbolically there is Afghan government in Afghanistan but it has no writ on its own people. The US, India and other actors are getting benefits from the weaknesses of Afghan government in Afghanistan. International community should cooperate and provide assistance to Pakistan in its border management along Pak-Afghan border.