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Analysts term passage of Zainab Alert bill “a historic move”
January 10, 2020

Ali Muhammad Khan (Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs): Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly conveyed the message of the Holy Prophet that the concept of the welfare state is based on the empathy of the weakest and marginalized segments of the society. Prime Minister Imran khan came into politics with a vision to help the underprivileged sections of the society. PTI led government is committed to facilitate the common man and make Pakistan a welfare state in accordance with the golden principles set by the founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azm Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan is in good hands and we are heading towards the right direction. Incumbent government has taken concrete measures to bring the poor people out of vicious circle of poverty. Establishing a strong economy is imperative for social welfare.

Miss Khawar (Social activist): It is a welcoming development that National Assembly today passed the Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Bill, 2019. Incumbent government has taken an exemplary move to cope with this social felony. The police department needs to act immediately on the complaints of such incidents. Rapid implementation on laws is imperative for timely and swift justice. Life imprisonment is the most suitable punishment for such nefarious acts. The children rape cases should not take long time to proceed. Unnecessary delay should also be noticed and the responsible behind this delay should also be dealt with iron hands.  

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist): Good infrastructure helps to improve the transportation of goods from one place to another and play a vital role in the path of development. Railway is a cheaper way of travelling and developed countries have established an advanced railway system throughout the country for effective communication and transportation. It is high time to pay attention to different modes of transportation to enhance trade activities. The whole railways system should be revised as per international standards. It is need of the hour to improve our communication system to ease the access of traders to the market. It is a message to international investors that the government is taking corrective measures to provide conducive environment for investment. Azakhel Dry Portwould generate economic activities and job opportunities for the indigenous labor force.

Dr. Aliya Hashmi (Economist): It is a good omen that the incumbent government is taking keen interest in improving the transportation system and financial outlook of the country. Industrial production should boost up to compete with the international markets. Small scale industry was badly affected by the energy crises and it is need of the hour to revise our institutions in accordance with international standard. The skilled labor force should be trained to make them productive segment of the society. EHSAS program is a great initiative to facilitate the marginalized segments of the society.    

Dr. Aneela Kamal (Director Psychology Department Quaid e Azam University): The passage of Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Bill, 2019 is appreciable. It was considered a taboo to talk about such social evils. It is appreciable that people have started realizing that such heinous acts leave a very deep impact on the personality of the victims of child abuse. The mental health of the survivors is badly affected. It is our social responsibility to stay alert and play very active role to punish the culprits. Exemplary punishments are imperative to control such heinous crimes.  

Dr. Tahira Tanveer (Social Activist): Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Bill, 2019 is a great initiative taken by the incumbent government. Our religion also guides us regarding the system of rewards and punishments. It is responsibility of the government to ensure implementation of law and supremacy of justice. We are moving towards the right direction in order to maintain a protective environment for our children. The culprits of such evil crimes should be dealt with iron hands.

Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddique (Economist): CPEC is undoubtedly a game changer project. We need to upgrade our agriculture sector in accordance with latest technology and tools. It is high time to grow our agriculture and industrial sector to increase growth rate. Balance in exports and imports is imperative for economic stability. Incumbent government has initiated great initiatives to boost economic activities and generate massive job opportunities for Pakistani youth. Concrete steps are being taken to equip our labor force with useful skills and technology.

Azeem Chaudhary (Senior journalist): The people of Kashmir have been facing worst atrocities for last seven decades. Indian supreme court has taken a good decision regarding restoration of internet in Indian occupied Kashmir but Modi regime does not care about these decisions. Indian political leadership is following Hindutva policies which are based on Muslim hatred sentiments. The people of Kashmir are living in worst weather condition. The Kashmiri people do not have access to food and medical assistance. The international community and human rights champions should take notice of human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir. India is hoodwinking the world community by portraying false picture of occupied valley.

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (Defense Analyst): Indian Supreme court has given people oriented and biased decision in Babri Masjid case and failed to give any strong verdict against government's fundamental policies. Indian Supreme court has not taken any clear stance in order to restore internet services in Indian occupied Kashmir. Indian economy is facing losses due to Modi's Hindutva policies. Selected visits of international observers would not serve any effective purpose. BJP has side lined the minorities and following a specific agenda to maintain Hindu dominance in India. The minorities in India are not safe. It is responsibility of the world community to come forward to support the people of Kashmir.