Saturday, 20 July 2019, 10:00:55 am
Knitwear exports increased by 10.58%
January 10, 2019


Knitwear exports from the country during first five months of current financial year increased by 10.58 percent as compared to the exports of the corresponding period last year.

According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, about 52,171 thousand dozens of knitwear worth US 1.214 billion dollar were exported during the period from July-November, 2018 as compared the exports of 43,388 thousand dozen valuing US US 1.098 billion dollar of same period last year.

Meanwhile, during the period under review, country also earned US 1.022 billion dollar by exporting about 18,465 thousand dozen of readymade garments as against the exports of 15,306 thousand dozen of same garments valuing 1.019 billion dollar in same time span last year.

The exports of readymade garments during the last five months had witnessed 0.28 percent growth as compared to the corresponding period of last year.