Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, former Ambassador Fauzia Nasreen has said: “Pakistan supported peace talks in Afghanistan but Kabul in return always blames Islamabad for any terror incident in Afghanistan. New Afghan government should take certain measures to strengthen its security process in the country. Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah should promote the mature politics and avoid blaming Pakistan for any incident. Cooperation between Pak-Afghan governments is mandatory for a long term peace in the region. Both the countries have been badly affected by the menace of terrorism. Pakistan has been fighting a successful war against terrorism and Afghan intelligence agencies should support Pakistan to stop cross-border movements of the terrorists.”

Defense analyst Maj Gen (Retd) Athar Abbas said: “PM’s upcoming visit to United States has vital importance for peace and prosperity in the region. United States could play a prominent role to eliminate the tension between Pakistan and India. US could also play its role for peace process between Pakistan and Afghanistan as well. Presently, differences have been observed between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah and Taliban are taking the advantages of these differences. There are certain security lapses in Afghanistan and the Afghan government should have to take measures to eliminate these lapses. United States wants Pak-Afghan cooperation to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the region. Afghan government has to decide whether to resume peace talks with Taliban or it should start war against terrorism to eradicate the menace just like Pakistan is doing.”

Analyst Dr. Farhat Haq said: “India-US relations have been improved in last few years. The government of Pakistan should also focus on to improve its bilateral relations with United States. US could play its vital role to resolve outstanding issues between India and Pakistan. Mian Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Washington must raise the Indian the ceasefire violations alongside the LoC and working boundary. Pakistan has been fighting a successful war against terrorism so PM will also highlight Pakistan's efforts for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s efforts to persuade Afghan Taliban to participate in peace talks should not be interpreted as its indirect endorsement of the current surge in violence in Afghanistan. Peace in Afghanistan was essential for Pakistan’s own security.”

President, Pak- American Democratic Forum Dr. Ashraf Toor said: “PM Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with United States President Barak Obama will be significant. President Obama has offered his services to facilitate India and Pakistan to resolve all the outstanding issues. India should adopt a positive attitude to resolve the issues through dialogue and avoid the politics of threatening. United States has friendly relations with India and could utilize its resources to convince India to stop its aggression on LoC and the Working Boundary and come on the table of negotiation with Pakistan.”

IR expert Dr. Talat Wizarat said: “International community should take serious notice of continuous Indian aggression on LOC and the Working Boundary in which many innocent people have been killed so for. Both India and Pakistan are the nuclear powers. India should realize the importance of peace in the region. India should be politically forced to stop its aggression and make it realize to play its role for the peace and prosperity in the region. United States remained silent in this regard because it has its own national interests. India is big trade market so international community is hesitant to force India to stop aggression on LoC and the Working Boundary and human rights in IOK. Pakistan has always supported peace in the region especially in Afghanistan. Afghan government should support Pakistan in war against terrorism because without the cooperation of Pakistan, Afghanistan could not dream in the territory. India has always tried to sabotage peace process in the region because its mindset is based on extremism.”

Analyst Dr. Khurram said: “United States wants the eradication of terrorism from the world and secondly being the economic power just like China. United States has hopes with Pakistan as Pakistan is playing its role to eradicate the menace of terrorism. Pakistan could also play its role to improve the bilateral relations of US with China. Pakistan has strong friendly relations with China as a result of which China is investing a huge investment in Pakistan through China Pakistan Economic Corridor. FROM United States is to force India to stop its aggression on LoC and the Working Boundary and play its role to resolve all outstanding issues between both India and Pakistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor will benefit all the countries of the region including Afghanistan.” 

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