Meem Moseequi (29-04-2016)

The Traditional Classical Music of South Asia has always been the primary medium of emotional expression and communication for people living in this part of the world and historically has been the original and primary language of emotive interaction. Classical music is an essential part of our heritage and a specific formative factor in our cultural and emotional identity. Meem moseequi is the popular music programme of varsa channel (FM-94 Pbc,Islamabad). It is a music teaching class where anyone who has good voice and music sense can participate to learn or enhance his/her abilities regarding music.The objective of the programme is to revive the fading charm of the classical music and pass on this heritage to our next generation.The broadcast time of the programme is 2.00 to 4.00pm (Monday to Thrusday)

Script: Awais Afzal

Comperes:  Aneela Qureshi,Awais Afzal

Music Teacher: Ustad Shaukat Manzoor,Ustad Sultan Fathe Ali

Tabla Nawaz: Fizan Ali

Producer: Awais Afzal

It Is FM-94 Varsa Channel Production


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