The Prime Minister says it is a historic day for Pakistan to become the full member of the organization. He has emphasized the need for leaving behind the legacy of peace and amity for the future generations and not the toxic harvest of conflict and animosity.

Pakistan becomes a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation after signing Memorandum of Obligations. The document was jointly signed by the Foreign Ministers of six SCO member states, Secretary General SCO and Pakistan’s Adviser on Foreign Affairs. 

Analysts on Telephone:

Ali Sarwar Naqvi (Former Ambassador)

Pakistan attended the SCO summit in 2015 as an observer and it was decided to give Pakistan the full membership. Pakistan and India are now the permanent members of this organization. The initiatives of China and Russia to resolve regional issues are highly appreciable. The issues related to drug trafficking, terrorism, lawlessness and regional security will be discussed in the summit. All the member countries must support one an other to resolve bilateral issues.

Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi (IR Expert)

The SCO to bring peace and prosperity in the region and will promote cultural, economic and trade relations among the member countries. Earlier, India and Pakistan were the conditional members of this organization but now both are the permanent members. It is the era of globalization. Pakistan and India should keep the political differences aside and need to focus on the economic development.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal (President, Pakistan Economy Watch)

It is a good news and an honor for Pakistan to become the full member of this organization. We must expect improvement in trade relations among the member countries. The economy of Pakistan will strengthen and foreign reserves will also improve. CPEC is a game changer project that will bring an economic revolution in our country. All the member countries must support each other to wipe out the menace of terrorism.

Host: Dr. Sahfiq ur Rehman

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