A team of “concerned citizens” led by former External Affairs Minister and senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has on Saturday released its report on Kashmir. The group that visited the valley twice on a fact-finding mission has recommended “multi-dimensional dialogue” that includes talks with Hurriyat should be “initiated at the earliest” and has asked the government to improve human rights situation and resuscitate democratic linkages between with people and allow Kashmiris to assemble and meet to hold discussions. They point out that this complex issue has to be addressed by all the stakeholders – India, Pakistan, and Kashmiris of the entire erstwhile kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir. Unless the three stakeholders address the issue, they believe, it cannot be resolved. This reports concluded that the dialogues are necessary for the solution of Kashmir problem and to improve the human rights situation in Kashmir.

The military courts were established through constitutional amendment following the attack on Army Public School in Peshawar

A total of 274 cases were referred to military courts, of these 161 were awarded death penalty (12 executed) and 113 were awarded imprisonment of varying duration during the period of its validity, according to Inter Services Public Relations here Sunday. The military courts have ceased to function on expiry of mandated period on January 07, 2017.

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Mishal Malik (Hurriyat Leader)

Many other reports like Yashwant's report have been published but Indian government paid no heed to such reports. Although Indian Supreme Court issued orders that Kashmir is not the integral part of India but India didn’t follow this order .India wants to change the demography of Kashmir. Indian forces are trying to curb the freedom movement in Kashmir after Burhan Wani’s death. India don't even pay any attention to UN resolutions for the solution of Kashmir issue.

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