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Nepal becomes another victim of Indian hegemony in region
December 09, 2019

Nepal is another South Asian nation that has fallen victim to Indian hegemony in the region.

Recently, India released its updated political map which shows the Kalapani area of Nepal as its territory, which is a thirty five square kilometers area in far Western region of Nepal. 

The act sparked an outrage and Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs objected strongly to the Indian claim on Kalapani.

Nepalese also took to social media to express their anger over the act. They used the hashtags #BackoffIndia and # Kalapani# to convey their message.

Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement said Kalapani is the land of Nepal and our party stands firm on this conviction.

India is continuously trying to settle this issue, but we won't go back in our claim. 

Indian Ministry of External Affairs, however, claimed that the region was part of India. 

India's such acts based purely on attitude of high-handedness with its neighbors revolve around national policy parameters like Akhand Bharat, the evolution and genesis of Indian military through system which is derived from the principles of Chanakya.

It is pertinent to mention that Indian motive of issuing an altered map of Jammu and Kashmir and Nepal may have nefarious intentions for Pakistan and Nepal.

Former US President Richard Nixon had described Indians as slippery, treacherous people.

Former US Secretary of State and a great statesman Henry Kissinger assessed Indians as the most aggressive people around who are always plotting a war.