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Dialogue only viable solution to Afghan dispute: Analysts
February 09, 2018

Dr. Muhammad Faisal (FO Spokesperson): Peaceful and stable Afghanistan is in the best interest of not only Pakistan, but of the entire region. Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua has visited Afghanistan last week along with a delegation and they discussed about the regional peace, which shows our strong commitment to eliminate terrorism from the country. India is trying to sabotage the Quadrilateral Group's efforts for promoting peace in Afghanistan. India is repeatedly committing ceasefire violations along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary, which can lead to strategic miscalculation. Pakistan believes in peaceful coexistence with all neighbouring countries, including India and Afghanistan.

Lieutenant General, retired, Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Expert): Pakistan has always supported all peace initiatives in Afghanistan. The incumbent Afghan government should initiate the negotiation process to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan. The drug production in Afghanistan is a matter of serious concern for Pakistan. The drug money is being used for terrorists' nefarious activities to sabotage peace process in the war-torn country. The Afghan government has failed to establish its writ in main portion of the country, which has now become terrorists’ safe haven. Terrorist and extremist groups are active in the bordering region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are direct victim of the terrorists activities designed and sponsored in Afghanistan. The Indian enhanced role in Afghanistan will further escalate the tension in the region.

Brigadier, retired, Harris Nawaz (Defense Expert): The increasing Indian role in Afghanistan is adversely impacting the peace and stability of the war torn country. India is engaged in creating misunderstandings between all the stakeholders concerned, who are part of Afghan peace process. The Afghan soil is also being used by India to sabotage peace in Pakistan. Indian media is also playing a very negative role in the region and portraying a negative image of Pakistan at international level. India uses such negative tactics just to divert world’s attention from its brutalities and atrocities against innocent people of Kashmir.

Zafar Nawaz Jaspal (Expert on international relations): The incumbent Afghan government does not have control on 70 percent area of Afghanistan. The presence of ISIS in Afghanistan is also a serious threat to the entire region. The ground realities in Afghanistan suggest that the dialogue between the stakeholders concerned is the only viable solution to attain desirable results in Afghanistan. Pakistan desires peaceful Afghanistan as it is in the best interest of the region. Despite of highly professional troops and advance weapon technology, the United States has failed to sustain peace in Afghanistan. The dream of peace cannot be materialized without negotiations. The ambivalent US policy regarding South Asia and Indian negative involvement in Afghanistan is further escalating the instability in the region. Pakistan, China and Russia realize that peace in the region is linked to the peace in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant General, retired, Abdul Qayyum (PML-N Senator): The Afghan government is habitual of blaming Pakistan for worst security situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan demands Afghan government to strengthen border management and establish its writ in terrorist’s control areas. Sincere efforts of all stakeholders are imperative to sustain peace in Afghanistan. The US government wants to make Pakistan a scapegoat of its failures in Afghanistan. Pakistan has always offered its sincere cooperation for peace in Afghanistan. We are always ready to share our war experiences and train Afghan military to eradicate terrorism in Afghanistan. Pakistan is ready to play role of mediator between the Afghan Taliban and the Afghan government. Dialogue process is imperative to develop an atmosphere of confidence between stakeholders concerned.

Dr. A.Z Hilali (Expert on International Relations): The Trump Administration must consider the geographical and ground realities of Afghanistan before implementing any policy regarding Afghan conflict. The current US policy regarding South Asia is contradictory to the ground realities and visibly influenced by Indian lobby in Washington. India involvement in Afghanistan has negative impacts on the region. New Delhi has always misled Washington through false propaganda against Pakistan. The US cannot achieve the desire results in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s cooperation. Dialogue and effective mechanism of coordination between stakeholders concerned is the only viable solution to Afghan dispute. The Indian involvement in Afghanistan is sabotaging the peace process.

Aqeel Yousafzai (Expert on Afghan Affairs): The Afghan government is frustrated due to the worst security situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan has always played a positive role for peace in the region. Pakistan has always endorsed initiative taken by any country for peace in Afghanistan. We have always offered our best services for peace cause. Instability in Afghanistan has negative impacts on Pakistan. It is need of the hour to establish an effective mechanism of negotiation, coordination and information sharing between the right stakeholders. India is badly exposed for funding, training and supporting terrorists in Afghanistan for illicit activities to destabilize Pakistan. The Afghan soil is being used by India against Pakistan