Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that Diamer Bhasha dam is one of the top most priorities of the PML-N government.

He was briefing participants of the US-Pakistan Diamer-Bhasha Dam Business Opportunities Conference in Washington on Wednesday.

The Minister said the government wants maximum private sector participation and would facilitate them in every possible manner for this project of supreme national importance.

He told the audience that the proposed dam would produce 4,500 MW of electricity to the energy starved industry and household consumers.

At the same time, it will store 6.4 million acre feet of water and will help meet irrigation water needs besides containing devastating floods.

The Finance Minister said the present government has a robust economic agenda to turn around the economy. He said as a result of the policies pursued during the last one year, the government has been able to stem the downward slide.

The economic growth which hovered around three per cent for five years touched over four per cent last fiscal year.

Per capita income increased from 1,314 dollars to 1,386 dollars. Industrial sector growth picked up from just 1.4% to 5.8% last year despite electricity shortages.

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