Pakistan had applied for the body’s membership in 2010. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Astana, Kazakhastan to participate in the two-day Meeting of the Heads of State Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Talking to newsmen on board the flight, the Prime Minister said peace in Afghanistan is imperative for peace in the region. Peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan. Pakistan will not allow using its soil against any other country for subversive activities.

Analysts on Telephone:

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert):

SCO is a forum where bilateral issues can be resolved. China and Russia being the major members of this organization can play a vital role to resolve conflicts between Pakistan and India as both the countries are going to be the permanent member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers and increasing tensions between them may lead to a nuclear war. The main objective of SCO is to promote regional security and connectivity. India and Pakistan should take advantage of this forum to resolve all outstanding issues through dialogue.

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst):

The world is giving top priority to economic development and in my opinion the SCO must include the economic development in its agenda as well. The balance of economy is now shifting from west to east. War era is going to be end and is replaced by economic war. India must realize that good relations with Pakistan are in the interest of both the countries and regional peace as well. Pakistan is well aware of the significance of the SCO and will take maximum advantage of this forum. The world realizes that India is promoting terrorism.

Host: Ali Naseer

Co-hosts: Ahsan Bashir & Zahra Azam

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