UN Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information Ms Cristina Gallach has said that UN’s partnership with Radio Pakistan will help identify and advance key issues of development in Pakistan.

Taking part in Perspective program of News & Current Affairs Channel live via telephone from New York she said radio being the mass medium can help educate and aware people and representatives of various issues of importance.

Cristina Gallach said radio is a critical communication medium that helps in dissemination of information. She said the United Nations’ radio department is very active in forging partnerships and networking with local, regional radio partners. She said radio is a source of inspiration and more useful in areas where the penetration of technology is not common. She expressed pleasure over the networking between News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan and various UN agencies.

It is pertinent to note that NCAC will conduct half-hourly program every Wednesday on various issues of development in collaboration with various UN departments and agencies. The channel has held over 60 interviews with various UN officials and representatives in past. 

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