Nuclear Suppliers Group should adopt non-discriminatory criteria for granting membership to non-NPT states

Pakistan has sought support of the international community for getting membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group. For the purpose, Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz telephoned the foreign ministers of Russia, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea today. In the conversations, the Adviser highlighted Pakistan's credentials for the NSG membership. His interlocutors supported Pakistan's stance of a non-discriminatory approach on expansion of NSG.

Additional Foreign Secretary Tasnim Aslam briefs diplomatic missions of NSG countries

Pakistan has urged Nuclear Suppliers Group countries to adopt objective and non-discriminatory criteria for awarding membership to the non-NPT states. It was attended by a large number of ambassadors and other senior level representatives. The Additional Secretary highlighted the factors, which placed Pakistan’s application for NSG membership on solid grounds. These include Pakistan’s technical experience, capability and well-established commitment to non-proliferation and nuclear safety and security.

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), a 48 member grouping that was formed in the aftermath of India’s 1974 nuclear test with the aim of ensuring non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology. From India’s point of view, it was formed to deny India access to sophisticated technology. The 48 members of the NSG include the five nuclear weapon states, US, UK, France, China and Russia. The other 43 are signatories to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The NSG Guidelines also contain the so-called “Non-Proliferation Principle,” adopted in 1994, whereby a supplier, notwithstanding other provisions in the NSG Guidelines, authorizes a transfer only when satisfied that the transfer would not contribute to the proliferation of nuclear weapons.


Dr. Talat Wizarat (Senior Analyst): 

“Nuclear Suppliers Group is an important group that regulates and controls trade and exchange of nuclear material. In this forum, all decisions are made through mutual consensus. India is making all out efforts to get the membership of NSG that will result in destabilizing the balance of power in the region. United States is also supporting India which exposes double standards of United States for Pakistan and India. Basically, U.S. is just supporting India against China due to latter’s rise as an economic and military giant in the world. India has already indulged itself in arms race and United States is the largest seller of arms and ammunition to New Delhi. India’s inclusion in NSG will be the violation of laws and regulations of this group and will promote arms race in the region.”

Fauzia Nasreen (Former Ambassador): 

“A strong Indian lobby is active in Washington to influence the American public opinion favorably towards New Delhi. U.S. has its own strategic interests in this region. United States is making efforts to convince China not to oppose India’s inclusion into Nuclear Suppliers Group. Basically, the United States wants to control the South Asian region with the support of India because China is the main threat for both these countries. China is well aware of the consequences if India becomes the member of NSG. It will definitely destabilize the balance of power in the region and will affect the credibility of Pakistan as well.”

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