Syed Ahmad Barelvi was born on 29th of November 1786 in Rai Barelley in India. He was also known as Syed Ahmad Shaheed. When Syed Ahmad was born it was the time when the Muslims of India were facing downfall by the hands of the British, Sikhs, and Hindus after such a glorious past. He was the founder of a revolutionary Islamic movement called “Tahriq-i-Muhhamdiyah” and he was named as “Amir-al-Muminin” by his followers.  He launched his struggle against the enemies of Islam which were becoming fatal threat to the survival of Islam. His main aim was to establish a Muslim state in Peshawar region but his dream could not materialize after his martyrdom in Balakot region in a battle against Sikhsin 1831.

Talker:       Professor Malik NasirDaud

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