CDWP approves projects worth billions

Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approved several development projects costing billions of rupees. Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal presided the meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday. The approved projects related to energy, water reservoirs, communications, governance and information technology. The meeting approved a project costing over one billion rupees to check electricity tripings in various areas of Sindh and Balochistan. It also okayed 700 kilometers long Gwadar-Nawabshah LNG Terminal pipeline. Two and half billions of rupees had been approved for Sindh Resilience Project to tackle losses caused by catastrophes and climate change. The meeting approved 890 million rupees for Pakistan Glacier Monitoring Network to monitor climate changes and water position in the upper Indus basin.


Bhawan Das (Leader, PML-N): 

“The top priority of the incumbent government is to overcome energy crisis. Many power projects have been initiated by the government under China Pakistan Economic Corridor project and most of them are expected to be completed till 2018.  Government has also signed agreements with several other countries for the import of LNG to overcome gas shortage and production of cheap electricity. All the development projects underway will strengthen the economy of our country. Unemployment will also be reduced as a result of these measures. PM himself is monitoring the progress on all the development projects and has directed the authorities to complete the projects within specified time. Opposition parties have right to criticize the government but it should be constructive.”

Rao Muhammad Ajmal (Leader, PML-N): 

“First of all, I would like to wish the Prime Minister a long life and speedy recovery. The country was facing the worst energy crisis when PML-N government came into power. The government initiated many power related projects to overcome the energy shortage and is determined to eliminate load-shedding from the country by 2018. The government has also vowed to add more electricity into the national grid in the next few years. PM has also directed the authorities concerned to avoid load-shedding during Sehar and Iftar times. The credit for improved energy situation goes to PML-N government. Some elements have been trying to create hurdles in this regard but they will never succeed in their aims. All the political parties must support the government to strengthen the economy of the country.”

Seema Mohiuddin Jameeli (Leader, PML-N): 

“The government has allocated certain funds for power sector including Nandipur power project and Dasu Dam project. All these projects after completion will support the government to eliminate load-shedding by 2018. The import of LNG will also help the government to produce cheaper electricity as well. It is the agenda of PML-N to bring the country out of crises under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif. Whenever, the government initiates a project, the opposition criticizes it for undue reasons. The Metro Bus and the Orange Line projects are the part of efforts of the government to facilitate the people of the country. The nation has expressed confidence on the prudent policies of the incumbent government.”

Pir Sabir Shah (Leader, PML-N): 

“PML-N had to face a number of challenges when it came into power in 2013. Load-shedding was at peak and exchange rate of dollar to rupee was 114 at that time. The law and order situation in the country was worst. Now at this time, the government has managed to overcome major problems and overall energy situation is under control. The incumbent government has initiated a number of power projects in this regard. Government is also focusing on to improve the road infrastructure throughout the country. China Pakistan Economic Corridor will bring an economic revolution in the country and Pakistan will become a regional trade hub after completion of Gwadar port. The government has directed the authorities concerned for timely completion of all the development projects.”

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