“Terrorism can only be defeated with unity and cooperation of international community”: Sartaj

Advisor on Foreign Affairs talks to the media persons in Islamabad

Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has said that terrorism could only be defeated with unity and cooperation of the international community. He said the forthcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw is taking place under the long shadows of terrorism, turmoil and continuing conflicts. The advisor said operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan and concerted operations in other parts of the country against terrorists have been very successful and as a result, dividends have started reaching the people of Pakistan. He said Pakistan appreciates acknowledgement of our contributions by the international community.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has also called for strengthening international cooperation to combat intensifying terrorism

Pakistan's Deputy permanent representative to the United Nations Nabeel Munir told the UN General Assembly that no country alone can defeat this menace. He said the only way forward in this fight is to strengthen international cooperation, and that the United Nations is the best vehicle to accomplish that objective. Condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, Nabeel Munir said Pakistan has rendered huge sacrifices in this battle. He said the law enforcement operation, Zarb-e-Azb, one of the largest national counter-terrorism operations in the world, has resulted in significant successes.

“PM will return home tomorrow after successful heart surgery”: Maryam

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is returning home on Saturday after successful heart surgery in London. This has been confirmed by his daughter Maryam Nawaz in a tweet on Friday. She said the Prime Minister would be reaching home on Saturday evening. A dedicated PIA aircraft will bring PM’s camp office back to Pakistan.


Tahira Bukhari (Leader PML-N):

“The dedication of PM Nawaz Sharif for the people of Pakistan is remarkable. He presided over a cabinet meeting to approve budget bill through video-link just a day before his operation. After the operation, as soon as he started recovering he concentrated on the administration of the country. It is a time of joy for all of us that our leader is coming back to lead us.”

Raja Muhammad Javed Ikhlas (Leader PML-N):

“It is a great blessing of Almighty Allah and a very happy news for the nation that our prime minister is returning home after speedy recovery from heart illness. He is returning to Pakistan tomorrow. During his illness, he directed finance minister to provide as much relief to the farmers as possible. We hope that after coming back he will be able to dedicate more time for undergoing developmental projects.”

Air Marshal (Retd.) Shahid Latif (Defence Analyst):

“The recent events in various other countries have made it clear to international community that terrorism has spread across the world. The total losses of all NATO countries cannot exceed Pakistan’s. Finally, the civil and military leadership resolved to carry out a detrimental operation against terrorists. India is supporting militants in Pakistan. We have provided proofs of Indian involvement to the international community. The international community needs to pressurize India to restrain such activities. The forthcoming NATO summit will devise strategy to curtail terrorism. Pakistan has done its part, now rest of the world should play its part.”

Dr. Ashraf Toor (President Pak-US Democratic Forum):

NATO summit will concentrate on terrorism. Pakistan has made lot of sacrifices in war against terrorism. The international community has started acknowledging this fact. Terrorism is spreading like a wild-fire across the globe, and there is a dire need to devise a comprehensive policy against it.”


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