The Palla Fish is the most popular fish in Sindh. The Palla fish zooms ahead, continuing its journey upstream against the powerful river currents. The Palla Machli, with its silver body glistening from first light, The Palla is unique in more ways than one. Unlike most fishes, it swims in a straight line against the strong currents of the river, too fast to be caught. There are two kinds of Palla . The first one lays its eggs in the river and when the eggs hatch, the fish returns to the sea. The other type of Palla lays its eggs in the sea and when the fries grow up after a year or so, they travel towards the Indus. The Palla has become and identity of Sindh especially Hydeerabad its taste is totally different and very delicious .


Narrator: Nasreen Aftab

Script: Shabbir Ahmad Tabish

Producer: Muhammad Arif

  PBC Hyderabad

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