A team of “concerned citizens” led by former External Affairs Minister and senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has on Saturday released its report on Kashmir. The group that visited the valley twice on a fact-finding mission has recommended “multi-dimensional dialogue” that includes talks with Hurriyat should be “initiated at the earliest” and has asked the government to improve human rights situation and resuscitate democratic linkages between with people and allow Kashmiris to assemble and meet to hold discussions. The report have mentioned basic findings, which include anger among the public especially youth against India, despair and lack of fear among youngsters and others.

Host: Hafiz Abdul Majid

Co- Host: Abid Abbasi

Analysts on Phone:

Nafees Zakaria- Foreign Office Spokesperson

The Yashwant Sinha’s report has expressed the facts and sentiments of Kashmiris. Release of such report from within India is a positive sign on the plight of Kashmir issue. However, mere recommendations cannot serve to the purpose of Kashmiris’ sufferings. Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the aspirations of the Kashmiris in line with United Nations Security Council resolutions. Plebiscite in Kashmir should be held under the supervision of the United Nations. India is involved in state terrorism and severe human rights violation in the held Kashmir. India should be made accountable for its brutalities and genocide in Occupied Kashmir. Right to self determination movement in Occupied Kashmir is indigenous and peaceful and each and every Kashmiri is part of this movement.

Fouzia Nasreen- Former Ambassador

The report has been proved as an eye-opener to the Indian government and now India should take the matter of Kashmir seriously. The Kashmiris now don't fear the pellet guns used by Indian troops. The report has also accepted these facts presented by the locals themselves.

Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmad- IR Expert

Indian troops' brutalities over innocent Kashmiris is visible to the whole world and the international community should raise voice against it. The present Indian government is not serious in resolving the Kashmir issue. Pakistan opposes the non-serious attitude of the Indian government and it has time and again asked the UN to solve the issue. The Kashmiris struggle for their right to self-determination would not stop until they will attain independence.

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