Defence Analyst Lieutenant General (Retd) Talat Masood has urged India to improve bilateral ties with Pakistan for peace and stability in the region.

Speaking in a program of Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan on Sunday night, he said: “The United States has asked New Delhi to take steps to improve relationship with its South Asian neighbors, especially Pakistan. This is in the interest of the US to force India to ensure freedom of religions in India. It is history of Indian Prime Minister Modi that he has always harmed the other religions by backing Hindu extremists. American nation also wants better bilateral relations with India. America has now been focusing on to improve its bilateral trade relations with China despite some reservations the US has on strategic aims of China."

Talking about tranche of 518 million dollars loan by IMP for Pakistan, Board of Investment Chairman Miftah Ismail said: “IMF has been supporting Pakistan in completion of many development projects. Therefore, a meeting between IMF officials and government’s representatives is held after every four months to review and monitor these projects. IMF has now appreciated the better economic policies of the government of Pakistan. The confidence of IMF on economic policies has resulted in improving confidence of foreign investors to invest in different development projects in Pakistan.”

Sustainable Development Policy Institute Chairman, Dr. Abid Qayyum Sulehri in his comments said: "A certain improvement in bilateral relations of Pakistan and China has been witnessed. Pak-China Economic Corridor has helped raise the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan should get more benefit from the Pak-China Economic Corridor.”

Talking about recent cut in Petroleum prices, economist Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui said: “Pakistan should get the benefit of reduction in petroleum prices in the international market. Government of Pakistan has reduced the petroleum prices up to 35% and federal government has asked the provincial governments to ensure that advantage of reduction in petroleum prices should be passed on to common man. Prices of daily use items should also be reduced, so that nation could get relief. China has been helping Pakistan to overcome energy shortage. Pakistan should also get the advantage of Pak-China Economic Corridor. The enemies of our country would never want peace and stability in the country.”


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