Leaders of public opinion have said that the Faisalabad incident stemmed from provocative speeches of PTI leader.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e-Nazar program, PML-N leader Nisar Ahmad Jutt said: “I condemn the killing of an innocent man in Faisalabad. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ensured the district administration that their protest will be peaceful but they dose not fulfill their commitment and start creating violence in the city. We have demanded the free and fair investigation of this incident because we are believed that the killer has no relationship with Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz. Imran Khan is the responsible of this incident because he instigates their workers on violence from last three months and now the killing of one innocent person is the result of his instigative speeches.”

State Minister for Privatization Muhammad Zubair Umar said: “Imran Khan’s behavior is not good for the country. After the failing in the politics of sit-in now he moves towards the politics of agitation. He wants to jam the whole country which is not tolerable for the law enforcement agencies. The economy of Pakistan is directly related to the trade activities if anyone wants to close the markets forcefully then defiantly government also takes some measures to making possible the routine trade activities. Today’s incident of killing is condemnable. Imran Khan’s call for jam the Faisalabad is failed as his sit-in was failed. He should realize the situation and not create unrest in the country.”

President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Engr. Rizwan Ashraf said: “I am disappointed to the present situation. Today’s incident is shameful and condemnable. The business community wants peace in country because our substance is directly related with the peaceful environment. Faisalabad is a textile producing city and the today’s plan of jamming this city is basically the conspiracy against the textile exports of Pakistan.  The economic stability is based on the political stability but Imran Khan wants to destabilize the country politically.”   

Former President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Majeed Aziz said: “The trader community have badly affected by the sit-in of Imran Khan from last four months. We want that Imran Khan and government should resolve all issues through dialogue. The political issues cannot be resolved on roads. Present government is going in right direction and the economy is growing day by day. Imran Khan Politics of agitation is harmful for the country. Government is willing to resolve issues through dialogue. Now, it is the duty of Imran Khan to give positive response of government’s offer and come on table rater then creating unrest in the country.”

Senior journalist Nawaz Raza said: “Imran Khan’s politics of agitation is not good for the country. He should revisit his policy and not create unrest in the country. Faisalabad is the pro Muslim League Nawaz city and Imran Khan starts his sitter down form this city. Imran Khan should come on table and resolve all issues through dialogue. Imran Khan wants to destabilize the country through its politics. He has no clear agenda and even he is not in position to prove his allegation. Imran Khan wants some dead bodies in his movement and now he is successful in his desire.”

Senator Rubina Khalid said: “Rehabilitation of IDPs and Operation Zarb-e-Azb are the biggest issues of Pakistan and wants attention of leadership. Imran Khan should pay attention on the issues on the IDPs. More than one million people are waiting for the aid under the worse condition of winter and Imran Khan is working for shining his politics. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is immature political party and his agitation is harmful for the democratic process. Imran Khan thinks that he is only person who is honest and all others are corrupt.”      

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