Federal Minister for SAFRON Abdul Qadir Baloch has categorically rejected the notion that basic rights of Islamabad citizens have been suspended after imposition of Article 245.

Talking part in the discussion initiated by Senator Raza Rabbani after moving motion, the minister said imposition of Article 245 is not unconstitutional, rather it gives legal cover to armed forces so that they can act as a last resort when need arises.

He said anti-state actors cannot be allowed to take over the control of strategic assets and national buildings. He said no one will be allowed to occupy the Parliament, Presidency, Prime Minister House, Radio Pakistan, Pakistan Television and other national assets.

Abdul Qadir Baloch said armed forces are third line of defense after police and civil armed forces. He said as per the constitution, it is imperative for armed forces to protect national assets.

Senator Raza Rabbani criticized imposition of Article 245 in Islamabad and demanded of the government to reverse its decision.

Pakistan Peoples Party along with united opposition staged walk out from the House as protest.

Senator Tahir Mashhadi also demanded to end imposition of Article 245.

The House has now been adjourned till four p.m. on Monday.

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