Economic experts and senior journalists have emphasized that this is time for unity to resolve problems of the people and sustain the tempo of development and progress built by the present Government.

Former Federal Secretary and economic expert Dr. Gulfraz, while talking to Radio Pakistan in Current Affairs program Nuqta-e-Nazar , said there is no justification to try to sort out issues on roads when we have the parliament and the provincial assemblies.

He said it is duty of all political forces to ensure that the process of development is not hampered and focus remains on resolution of the problems of the people.

Dr. Gulfraz said after a long time the government was changed through democratic process. People judged performance of a government that ruled the country for five years and handed over reigns of power to another party in the general elections.

He said if performance of a government is not satisfactory then it is for the electorate to make a new choice in next elections.

Former Director Karachi Stock Exchange, Zafar Motiwala said the confrontation and violence has negative impact on the overall economy of the country.

He said after the Eid holidays the stock market showed decline throughout the week due to uncertain condition. He said on the first day the market was 700 pints down.

Zafar Motiwala said the capital market of the country will have to bear the results of the violence. He said it will also affect the day to day business as a number of labourers who work on daily basis will not be able to feed their families.

He said the agitation will result in decrease in production and export and will hamper the growth of the economy of the country.

President All Pakistan Anjman-e-Tajran Ajmal Baloch said the people of the country made historic shopping on this Eid that is indication of the fact that under the present regime the economy of the country is at boom.

He said the last sit-in of Tahirul Qadri in Islamabad rendered four billion losses to the traders and businessmen of Blue Area Islamabad. He said the traders are annoyed this time and they will claim losses from those arranging sit-ins in Islamabad.

He said the merely announcement of the sit-ins has declined the stock market and we are afraid what will happen if the sit-ins take place.

Former President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zahid Maqbool said the national economy is moving in the right direction, which has also been recognized by the international economic institutions. He said it is not a suitable time for protests.

Dr. Pervaiz Amir, expert on economy, said issues can be resolved only through dialogue. He said it is not the right time for political parties to demonstrate their strength on the roads.

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