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Sikh Community applaud Pakistan's Kartarpur initiative
November 08, 2019

Dr. Shamsher Babra (Sikh Leader):

There is a lot of enthusiasm in Sikh community all over the world  over the initiative taken by Pakistan regarding Kartarpur Corridor.  The credit of opening of Kartarpur border goes to the government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan. This will open new avenues between India and Pakistan. There is no question about it that Sikhs in India and across the world will have an opportunity to physically visit their holy shrine without any hurdle. We are thankful to Pakistan for this gift to Sikh community.

Surendar Singh (Sikh Scholar): 

Sikh community cannot express its joys and happiness in words over the gift of Kartarpur corridor given by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Sikh community will always remain thankful to Prime Minister Imran Khan for this initiative. Many of my Sikh friends are coming at the inaugural ceremony of this historic corridor. Sikhs living in India may not have passports with them. The alternative should be that there should be photo ID at the border for identity of Sikh pilgrim. Pakistan completed the state of art corridor within short span of time that must be appreciated and admired.

Bishan Singh (Sikh Leader): 

A dream of Sikh community is going to come true by tomorrow as Kartarpur corridor is officially going to be opened for Sikh pilgrims. The credit of this achievement goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan, General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Indian Sikh Leader Navjot Singh Sidhu. Sikh delegation from different countries are coming to attend the inauguration ceremony of the corridor. Pakistan open heartily welcomes Sikh pilgrims and we also expect that the Indian government will not create hurdles in allowing Sikh pilgrims to visit the Holy Shrine. The Indian government is not giving rights to minorities and also violating human rights in Held Kashmir. In Pakistan, every minority has full religious freedom. Indian government must learn from Pakistan to respect the religious rights of the minorities.

Mahindar Pal Singh (Member Punjab Assembly, PTI): 

There is no alternative of the gift that Prime Minister Imran Khan is giving to Sikh community. Even India could not give such gifts to Sikhs. When Governor Punjab Chaudhary Sarwar came to Kartarpur on 1st Nov, the Sikh community were having no words to thank the government and were having tears of joy in their eyes. Sikh community is so happy that it is willing to do everything for Pakistan and are even ready to die for the country. The weather in Kartarpur is very pleasant at the moment. The soft image of Pakistan has been promoted in front of the world whereas India is continuously been criticized for its atrocities in Held Kashmir. India will have to face consequence for what it is doing with Indian minorities and innocent people of Held Kashmir.

Gyani Govand Singh (Spokesman): 

The government of Pakistan has given two gifts to Sikh community on single day. Firstly, the Kartarpur corridor is going to be inaugurated at the occasion of 550th birthday of Baba Guru Nanak and secondly fulfilling the 70 years old demand of Sikh community of opening of Kartarpur border. Over 3,000 Sikh Yatrees will have a night stay and more Yatrees are still expected to come.

Riaz Chaudhary (IR Expert): 

The New York Times rightly pointed out that Kashmiri children are unable to go to schools because of Indian lockdown in Held valley. Kashmiris have been under siege for almost 100 days but it is unfortunate that we have not seen desirable pressure of international community on Modi's government. Kashmiri people have been suffering the oppression of Indian government but still motivated to reject the Indian claim of Kashmir as its integral part. The international community can be moved towards solution of this issue through effective and strong diplomacy and convincing the human rights organizations about the sensitivity of Kashmir dispute and highlighting human rights violations in the valley.

Shah Khawar (Legal Expert):

It was in the manifesto of BJP to abrogate article 370. It is clear that Indian claim of a secular state is a lie. The pro-Indian politicians also criticized the Indian move in Kashmir valley. India made another illegal move and divided Jammu & Kashmir and Laddakh into two union territories and appointed two governors for each union. The criminal silence of human rights champions is beyond understanding. German Chancellor during official visit to India expressed concerns over human rights violations in Held Kashmir. It is good development that some civilized western countries are discussing Kashmir issue in their parliaments. The pressure will be mounted on India sooner or later as voices of Kashmiris cannot be suppressed.

Brig (Retd) Said Nazir (Defense Analyst): 

Ninety Six days have passed since the lockdown in Kashmir and the situation is becoming worse after India's illegal move in the valley on 5th August. The Indian government is not providing basic medical facilities to the Kashmiri people. India is prolonging the curfew just to weaken the resistance of Kashmiris. Hindustan is involved in passive and economic genocide in Kashmir valley. Former Indian military officials have also admitted that Indian government can occupy the Kashmir's land but can never get the sympathies and affiliations of Kashmir people. It is third Kashmiris generation struggling against illegal Indian occupation. Time will come when India will be forced to give the Kashmiris their fundamental right of self-determination.

Azeem Chaudhary (Kashmiri Journalist):

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Muhammad’s firm stance on Kashmir dispute is admirable. Indian traders are boycotting Malaysian Palm oil under the pressure of BJP regime. India is trying to convey a message at international level. Malaysian Prime Minister criticized India for revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir during his address at UNGA forum. Malaysia is the biggest oil exporter and will find new markets for trade.