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Protest march in France against Indian brutalities in IOK
November 08, 2018


In France, a protest march organized by Jammu and Kashmir Forum France was held at Eiffel Tower to condemn brutalities of India against Kashmiri people in occupied Kashmir.

A large number of community members from Azad and occupied Kashmir and Pakistan participated in the march.

Addressing the protesters, speakers including Raja Ali Asghar, Chaudhry Razaq Dhal, Abdul Qadeer and Chaudhry Afzal Langah said that even women and children were not safe from Indian forces’ aggression in occupied Kashmir.

They said that India has no justification to illegally hold Jammu and Kashmir against the wishes of its people.

Meanwhile, a human rights activist has said that, at least, 16 mentally-challenged persons fell to the bullets of the Indian forces near forces’ camps between 2002 and 2018.