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India responsible for initiating atomic race in region: Analysts
November 08, 2018

 Brig. Tipu Sultan (Defense Analyst):

It seems that India believes that it will emerge as regional superpower by building up its military and by pressurizing Pakistan. India will more deteriorate its national interest by hurling false accusations to pressurize Pakistan. The US tilt towards India is further escalating situation in the region. The United States must realize and acknowledge the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war against terrorism and Pakistan’s positive role in resolving Afghan dispute. The Indian war hysteria poses a serious threat to peace and stability of the region. India has deployed a large portion of the army against Pakistan in order to dominate the region but we have absolutely nothing to fear from India. Pakistan army is capable enough to give befitted response to any misadventure. We want peaceful relations with all our neighboring countries but these relations should be based on mutual trust and respect. India is envious of Pakistan’s growing economic space.

 Brig. (Retd) said Nazeer (Defence Analyst):

India must realize that displaying an aggressive attitude to pressurize Pakistan is only miscalculation of Pakistan’s capabilities to counter any misadventure. We have a comprehensive deterrence system to counter any external and internal threat. Despite of spending millions of dollars on arm purchase, India has failed to implement its hegemonic design to dominate the entire region. By nuclearizing the ocean, India is putting Pakistan in a situation to take concrete measures to maintain balance of power in the region. Nuclear engagement and arm race to maintain regional superiority poses a serious threat to regional peace. The economic posture of both the countries requires economic development and poverty alleviation. Indian policies are not peace oriented rather conflict oriented. Indian politicians get votes on bashing Pakistan sentiments.


Air Marshal (R) Shahid Latif (Defense Analyst):

The racist Modi government is following anti-Pakistan doctrine. Pakistan is an important regional player and being a responsible nuclear state, it believes in minimum deterrence and peace full coexistence. India is responsible for initiating arm race and atomic race in the region. India should shun its belligerent and war-mongering attitude and behave sensibly. New Delhi should end constant blustering and stop creating an atmosphere of war mongering. Pakistan is capable enough to give befitted response to any misadventure but we believe in the policy of minimum deterrence. India must realize that any misadventure with a nuclear state can lead to a mass catastrophe. International community should not fold a blind eye on regional situation and pressurize India to stop arm race in the region to avoid any disaster.

A.Z.Hilali (IR Expert, Professor of Political Science in University of Peshawar):

Foreign media maintains that India's economy has been witnessing downward trajectory during Modi-led government and ground realities tell that more than 54% of population in India is deprived of basic necessities of life. In such circumstances it is unwise to spent millions of dollars on arm purchases. Indian war hysteria poses permanent threat to neighboring countries and we have witnessed that small south Asian countries remained victim of India’s hegemonic design of regional dominancy. Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir expose Indian state terrorism. Despite of using force India has failed to control freedom movement in occupied Kashmir. India should start a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan to resolve all outstanding issues including the Kashmir dispute.


Lt Gen (R) Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Former Secretary Defense):

India has been involved in subversive activities to destabilize peace in Pakistan. The international community is silent on Indian aggressive posture in the region for their economic interests. United States of America is also safeguarding Indian hegemonic designs for its own interests in the region. The United States tilt towards India motivates India to continue its aggressive policies towards neighboring countries. Pakistan believes in the minimum deterrence policy but we cannot ignore Indian military modernization, India’s belligerent posture, irrational defense buildup and import of massive military equipment.

 Dr. Talat Wazarat (IR Expert):

It is a matter of concern for the entire region that Indian irresponsible attitude and war hysteria is posing serious threat to regional peace and stability. India believes that it can become regional super power by military modernization and collecting lethal weapons. India’s irrational defense buildup provokes Pakistan to upgrade its military equipment and engage in arms race in the region. We have to be very vigilant and take concrete measures to counter any misadventure. International community must come forward and play an active role to pressurize India to stop arm race in the region and resolve Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions. India must realize that peace and stability in the region is in its best interest.