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Analysts laud Beijing for supporting Islamabad’s stance over Kashmir issue
October 08, 2019

Syed Fakhar Imam (Chairman, Kashmir Committee):

China is among the five permanent members of United National Security Council and China played an important role in calling of UNSC over Kashmir issue after 50 years. PM Imran Khan today met Chinese Prime Minister and discussed issues of mutual interests and Kashmir issue. Chinese President is also expected to visit India and Nepal so he will definitely express concerns over Indian illegal move of abolishing special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Almost 65 days have since complete lockdown in Held Kashmir. All modes of communications are blocked. Kashmiri women are being harassed and raped by Indian forces. India is committing genocide in the Held valley and created an environment of terrorism. The speech of PM Imran Khan at UNGA highlighting Kashmir issue was historic. China being a time tested friend has always supported Pakistan and expected to do so in future as well. Pakistan and China have been enjoying strong defense relations since 1950s.

Shamshad Ahmed Khan (Former Foreign Secretary):

Pakistan-China friendship is sort of unique in its type. PM Imran Khan is visiting China for the third time he came into power. Pakistan-China relations are based on mutuality of interests whereas all other countries have their own national interests. Both these countries have common strategic, economic and regional interests. Pakistan is supporting China on Taiwan issue whereas China is supporting the stance of Pakistan over Kashmir issue. It was a perception that the progress on CPEC projects has come to a grinding halt since the Pakistan PTI government has come to power but the reality is completely against it. The government has given vast financial and administrative powers to the CPEC Authority including making its executives immune to legal prosecutions and giving it the powers to make its own budget.

Lt General, retired, Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst):

The present government has set up the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority and grant tax concessions to the Gawadar Port and its free zone. Such measures sent strong signal to Beijing that Islamabad is serious in implementing the multibillion dollar strategic initiative. During the visit of PM to China these developments would be discussed. The situation in Afghanistan and Kashmir issue would also be discussed. Both China and Pakistan have their stakes in Afghanistan and Kashmir so both need to devise policies to pursue their interests. COAS is also accompanying PM in China. The Pak-China military relations are traditionally very close. The security of CPEC would have discussed. The threats that Pakistan is facing directly or indirectly from India to sabotage CPEC projects would also be discussed. The Indian aggressiveness to divert the world's attention from Kashmir dispute will also be discussed in high level meetings. China is also sharing border with Laddakh so China has also condemned illegal Indian annexation in Jammu & Kashmir.

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst):

The criminal silence of the world over Indian aggressive policies is beyond understanding. India is committing worst human rights violation in Held Kashmir on one hand and continues ceasefire violations along LoC and the Working Boundary. At the time, the world is completely focusing on Kashmir issue and international media has started writing against India. New Delhi wants to eye wash the world that the issue is not within Occupied Kashmir but it actually is at LoC and the Working Boundary. Such Indian propagandas are not going to work for long. The time is not far when the international community will be leaving Indian support because of human rights abuses in Held valley. India is not allowing even any observer to visit Held Kashmir. The visit of PM Imran Khan and COAS to China is of great importance. The Kashmir dispute and consequences of Indian illegal move in the Kashmir valley will come under discussion. Now it is the time that Kashmiris must be given their fundamental right of plebiscite in accordance with UN resolutions.

Dr. Rizwan Naseer (Expert on International Relations):

Pak-China friendship is always exemplary and outstanding. In view of the global changes, Pak-China friendship is strengthening further. After historic speech at UNGA, PM Imran Khan is on a visit to China to seek Chinese support on its narrative over Kashmir issue. There are two main aspects of PM visit to China in my opinion. One aspect is Kashmir issue, India made all out efforts to influence the world for not accepting Pakistan's narrative on Kashmir issue but badly failed in its propaganda. Narendra Modi's unilateral and Pakistan's effective foreign policy decision internationalized the Kashmir issue. It is positive development that US presidential candidate expressed strong concerns over human rights violations committed by India in Held Kashmir. A delegation of US Senators also visited Azad Kashmir whereas India denied visa permission to same delegation. India and China have border issues and Indian move in Laddakh is strongly condemned by China. The second aspect is economy. PM in his meetings with Chinese business communities and ensured that any challenges faced by investors will be dealt directly by PM office. China can also support Pakistan from entering into blacklist of FATF. PM Imran Khan invited the Chinese investors to invest in Housing projects in Pakistan as China's civil engineering is among one of the best in the world.

Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif (Defense Analyst):

It is a fact that the United States is behind the aggressive attitude of India and what is happening in the held valley is happening with the US support. There exists a block including India, the US and Israel. The US is supporting Indian annexation of Laddakh territory just to counter China. Pakistan should rely on new power block consisting of Iran, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Iran and Russia to make its international success on Kashmir issue. Pakistan should have to explore alternative diplomatic channels to highlight Kashmir issue in front of the world. It is the time that Pakistan should support the United States for withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan in condition with solution to Kashmir dispute.

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert):

The visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China is vital as it is his third visit to China during a year which means that bilateral relations of both the countries are strengthening. China initiated a megaproject in Pakistan at a time when Pakistan was facing the severe challenge of terrorism. Chinese investors are already investing in Pakistan under CPEC and the visit will further improve the foreign investment in development projects in the country. CPEC is a unique mega project having multidimensional effects on socio-economic development not only in Pakistan and China but on the whole region. With the changing regional and global dynamics, the vitality of CPEC as binding force of Pakistan-China relations has enhanced manifold. Some elements have been trying to sabotage CPEC and the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan will help in overcoming such propaganda.

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa (IR Expert):

The foreign policy of Pakistan is direction-oriented and narrative of Pakistan on Kashmir issue has been acknowledged by the whole world. What is happening in Kashmir clearly indicates that India wants hegemony in the region. The visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan and COAS to China is vital in this respect. The reservations on development projects under CPEC must be eliminated. Moreover, Imran Khan invited Chinese investors to invest in different projects in Pakistan. India as a result of its fascist policies will be isolated in the world. International and social media badly exposed human rights violation committed by India in front of the world. Kashmir issue has become internationalized and without solving this issue, regional peace and prosperity is not possible. Pakistan will never compromise on its national sovereignty. China and India have territorial disputes and by changing Kashmir's status, India has not only challenged Pakistan but China as well. The current Indian policies are taking India towards destruction.

Dr. Amna Mehmood (IR Expert):


The world is now focusing on Kashmir issue and condemning Indian policies in occupied valley. World should play its due role in resolving Kashmir issue. Although the public opinion has changed yet the international community is hesitant to mount any pressure on India as it has national and trade interests with India. The opposition parties of different countries have strongly condemned Indian human rights violations in Held Kashmir. People from different communities have been holding protests against Indian move of revoking article 370. China is emerging an economic power in the world that will turn the mono polar monopoly into bipolar.