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World Brain Tumor day being observed today
June 08, 2019

The World Brain Tumor Day is observed on June 8 across the world, including Pakistan, with the aim to get the awareness of the public for this quite unknown disease.

The day was intiated in 2000 by the German Brain Tumor Association, whose members come from 14 different nations and lobby together for the interest of brain tumor patients.

The German Brain Tumour Association announced the World Brain Tumour Day in 2000 as an international commemoration day to stimulate global awareness about brain tumour.

A report, released by the World Health Organization and its affiliated International Agency for Research on Cancer, said a panel of international experts found limited evidence that radio-frequency energy from wireless phones could increase the risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma.

The latter is a usually benign tumor on nerves near the inner ear.

A brain tumour is an abnormal mass of tissue in which some cells grow and multiply uncontrollably, apparently unregulated by the mechanisms that control normal cells. The growth of a tumour takes up space within the skull and interferes with normal brain activity.

A tumour can cause damage by increasing pressure in the brain, by shifting the brain or pushing against the skull, and by invading and damaging nerves and healthy brain tissue.Use of mobile phones has increased hugely since their introduction in the early-to mid-1980s.

About 5 billion mobile phones are currently in use worldwide.

Scientists have long debated the potential cancer risk linked to cell phone use.

According to medical experts, this disease can happen at any age group, although mostly people above 35 years suffer from it and usually after struggling for five years one-third patients die.

Among a lot of other projects, the World Brain Tumor Day is dedicated to persons, who lost their fight against the brain tumor as well as to patients, who are still fighting this battle.

Anybody can be faced with this diagnosis, but the cognition about the illness is rare because of the un-frequent incidence of brain tumors in comparison to other kinds of cancer, they are hardly noticed in the public.