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Jordanian King's visit to further strengthen Pak-Jordan ties: Experts
February 08, 2018


Mushtaq Ahmed Mehar (Former Ambassador)

The timing of the visit of Jordan's King Abdullah II to Pakistan is vital keeping in view the prevailing situation in the region. The Middle Eastern region is like our kitchen backyard, and Pakistan is enjoying good relations with all the regional countries. A number of Jordanian students are getting education and technical training in Pakistan. Jordan is also enjoying good relations with India, but not dependant on it. The visit of Jordanian monarch to Pakistan will provide the two countries an opportunity to explore ways and means to further strengthen cooperation in diverse areas, including bilateral trade and investment.

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert)

Jordan is an important country of the Middle East region and is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south, Iraq to the north-east, Syria to the north, Israel and Palestine to the west. Pakistan-Jordan contacts began in the 1970s and 1980s and are growing stronger with the time. Pakistan has played its role to train the forces of Jordan to meet any security threats. Both Pakistan and Jordan could support each other in promoting tourism and other sectors. The two countries are bound in ties of shared faith, culture and values and had historically enjoyed close and brotherly relations.

 Dr. Noor Fatima (IR Expert/Economist)

The foreign policies of our country are now going in the right direction and the government is strengthening its ties with the countries of other region. There are certain investment opportunities in Jordan for Pakistan. Islamabad is also providing technical training to a number of Jordanian students. Jordan is among the countries that acknowledged the role of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism. Pakistan and Jordan have agreed to sign Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to deepen their existing economic and trade relations. Pakistan should urge the Jordanian government to establish a Pakistan-specific Special Economic Zone in Aqaba and to relax visa procedures for businessmen.

Dr. Talat Wazarat (IR Expert)

Pakistan and Jordan should start negotiations for reaching a Free Trade Agreement and strongly cooperate with each other in the field of agriculture and livestock. Both the countries should also initiate joint ventures in pharmaceutical, mineral, textile particularly readymade garments and high-tech industries. Jordan is a stable country of Middle East region. Pakistan can offer expertise and technical know-how for developing the textile sector of Jordan. Both the countries have cultural affiliation, and both Pakistan and Jordan are the permanent members of SCO as well.

Kalsoom Parveen (Senator, PML-N)

The world is acknowledging the role and sacrifices of Pakistan in war against terror. Pakistan cannot be held responsible for instability and worst peace situation in Afghanistan. In fact, Pakistan suffers the most because of instability in Afghanistan and has the most to gain from peace in the country. Pakistan wants to have ties with the United States based on self-respect and dignity. The country would not compromise on its sovereignty and dignity. There is need for a cooperative and synergetic approach to win the war and the world should unite and fight against the common enemy.

Isphanyar Bhandara (Leader PML-N)

The security situation in the country has improved to a great extent. Certain operations against the militants are going on in the country in order to ensure the compete eradication of menace of terrorism. We have to closely monitor our eastern and western borders as well. I would like to give the credit of peace in Pakistan to Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies. Pakistan Army all alone cannot wipe out the menace of terrorism so political parties should also support the security forces to win the fight against terrorism.