Friday, 25 May 2018, 09:57:17 am
National Action Plan played key role in establishing peace in country: Experts
February 08, 2018

Dr Muhammad Khan (Defence Analyst):

“Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan but Afghanistan often plays foul game by playing in the hands of India and the US. Afghan soil is being used against Pakistan.  ‘Fencing’ along Pakistan-Afghanistan border is an important step towards establishment of peace in the region. It would help halting infiltration of terrorists across the border”.

Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qayyum (Defence Analyst):

“National Action Plan has played a key role in establishing peace in the country by eliminating terrorists and extremist elements. Pakistan has paid a heavy price in its fight against terrorism. We will not accept any pressure from outside on our nuclear program and on the projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor.  Pakistan is a peace loving country and wants to continue narrative of peace in the region.” 

Brig (Retd) Said Nazeer: (Defence Analyst):

“It is high time to adopt regional approach to establish peace in the region. It is responsibility of each country to protect its borders and should not allow anyone to use its soil against other country.  There should be people to people contact, economic cooperation among countries in the region for achieving the ends of development and prosperity.  Pakistan is fully capable to safeguard its national interest.  We cannot allow any other country to use its soil against Pakistan”.