In occupied Kashmir, complete shutdown was observed, on Saturday, to protest against Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, defense analyst Lt. Gen (Retd.) Amjad Shoaib said: “Modi is quiet tactful in regard to Kashmir. He is trying to tell the world that there is nothing wrong with Kashmir and there is no issue related to Kashmir. He is trying to hoodwink the world that Kashmir is not a disputed territory. Lately, Kashmir High Court in a landmark decision had said that Kashmir was not part of India. As elections are approaching in Kashmir, it is strategy of Modi to develop a good vote bank in the area for BJP. During Modi’s visit to the held territory today, shops remained closed, and traffic was off the roads. Pakistani flags were waved at different parts of Kashmir. This is a clear sign that Kashmiris resent the policy of India towards them. Modi is notorious for inciting communal violence and his hands are stained with the blood of innocent Muslims in Gujarat carnage.  It is part of Modi’s strategy to not come to negotiating table unless he changes the demographic composition of Kashmir by settling down Hindus in that area. India won’t be successful because this sort of strategy needs at least 15 years to get mature.” 

Defense analyst Maj Gen (Retd.) Farooq said: “Kashmir dispute is a decades old conflict between Pakistan and India. Kashmiris have been fighting a just war for their right of self-determination for the last 68 years. The fact is that international community has not taken this dispute seriously. It is the time that Kashmir issue should be highlighted on all international forums because without resolving this issue, peace could not be dreamed of in South Asia. India should resolve all outstanding issues, including Kashmir dispute, with Pakistan through dialogue. War could never be a solution to any problem. Government should take certain measures to expose the real Indian face in front of the world. Narendra Modi has been using Hinduism card in India to promote Hindu dominance, but he will remain unsuccessful in his mission.”

Former ambassador Arif Kamal said: “Indian congress party has also started to protest against Narendra Modi’s policies. RSS and Shiv Sena have been promoting Hinduism in India under the leadership of Modi. Modi and his cabinet have been unable to deliver to Indian people and they only promoted extremism in the country. The image of India has been spoiling in the world and the time is not far when India will be alone in the comity of nations.”

IR expert Dr. Maria Sultan said: “To resolve Kashmir issue it’s time to build pressure all sides on India. Kashmiri leaders have been speaking out against Indian atrocities in this regard. The time has come when the international community should play its role in Kashmir resolution as per Kashmiris’ will. Kashmiris have been giving sacrifices for the last 65 years.   Pakistan should actively highlight Indian human rights violations in Kashmir on every international forum. In this regards, electronic, print and social media should play their active role to highlight gross human rights violation made by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. At the same time, India is also facing eighteen to nineteen insurgencies and it shows Indian subjects are not satisfied with the government. We should provide political and diplomatic support to Kashmir to resolve this issue.”    

IR expert Dr. Huma Baqai said: “Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff and Foreign Minister have highlighted Kashmir dispute on all international forums in effective way, which is a positive development. The survival of other religions in India is in danger, except Hinduism. Indian government has been supporting Shiv Sena and RSS that are involved in promoting Hinduism in India. Indian government has also started interfering in internal affairs of Nepal and Kathmandu government has protested against this act. International community should also take notice of Indian government’s activities. An Indian representative has said that defeat of BJP is mandatory for peace and prosperity in India. The current extremist layer in India could result in destruction of the country and is also dangerous for the region.”           

Senior journalist Iftikhar Gillani said: “BJP is unsuccessful in the elections in India so for.  Modi government has lost its popularity because of its extremist approach. People of different religions are in state of fear in India, because of threats from Shiv Sena and RSS. They could not perform their religious prayers freely. Many innocent people have been killed who were not Hindus. It seems that Narendra Modi is the leader of Hindus only.”     

 Hurriyet leader Mishal Hussain Malik said: “Kashmiris nation has been held hostage for the last 68 years by India. Modi has recently announced economic package which in reality is not for Kashmir, but for Indian military to crush innocent Kashmiris. It’s not aid to Kashmiris but a bribe to puppet parliamentarians. Kashmiri nation has given all sacrifices for their independence which one nation could give. India can’t be successful in these cheap tactics. Modi has announced the big economic package but India has ruined industries in Kashmir. This package is of no use for nation of Kashmir. Kashmiri people are facing endless starvation, unemployment, and consistent hostage. Eighty thousand crore rupees would be used by puppet parliamentarians. All Kashmiri leaders are on same page with their full commitments and energy and India has failed in killing the will of the Kashmiri nation.”   


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