Pakistan says it has always asked India to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

Foreign Office spokesman Khalil Ullah Qazi briefing media in Islamabad on Thursday said that Pakistan has provided proofs of Indian involvement in Pakistani affairs at many occasions including the recent secretary level talks. He said we avail all possible opportunity to remind India to avoid in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

Answering a question regarding Dawood Ibrahim, he said Pakistan has always been saying that he is not at its soil and al last India has admitted the Pakistani stance saying that it does not know his whereabouts.

To a question regarding Doha process for reconciliation in Afghanistan, the spokesman said Pakistan has always been supportive of Afghan led and Afghan own process for bring peace and stability in that country. He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has a vision for peace and stability in the region and the government is making all out efforts under this vision to achieve this objective.


He termed the visit of PPP delegation to Kabul today as good omen and said the government encourages political contacts between the two countries as these can be helpful in promoting our bilateral ties.


To a question regarding relation with new British government after today's elections, he said we enjoy close and cordial relations with UK and hope to further cement these ties with the new government also.      

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