Pakistan will strongly defend itself against all intrigues and aggression by inimical forces. This resolve was reaffirmed by National Security Committee, which met in Islamabad with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the chair. The meeting outrightly rejected Afghan allegations on Pakistan and its agencies for deteriorating law and order in that country. Pakistan has not only remained committed to a peaceful and stable Afghanistan but also worked with all regional and global initiatives to that end. The meeting observed that Pakistan is the only country in the Afghan scenario which has achieved clear and measurable success against terrorism despite limited capacity and at huge human and economic costs.

Analysts on Telephone:

Brig (Retd) Mehmood Shah (Defence Analyst)

Peace in Afghanistan is vital for Pakistan as well but due to presence of various agencies in Afghanistan we are not expecting peace there in near future. Afghan government itself is facing internal issues. Prime Minister chaired a meeting of National Security Committee and rejected Afghanistan’s baseless allegations against Pakistan. We should adopt a strict policy with Afghanistan. Indian agencies are also using Afghan land to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Dr. Rashid Ahmad (IR Expert)

Pakistan has always a clear stance that stable Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan has improved and foreign investors are heavily investing in our country through CPEC. The Afghan government takes dictation from India. Afghanistan also wants to sabotage CPEC just to please India. Afghan government wants to divert the attention of Afghan people from its internal issues by blaming Pakistan.

SCO summit in Astana: Pakistan will be given full membership

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is set to attend the 17th meeting of the Heads of the State Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit in Astana, Kazakhstan. During the two-day summit, Pakistan will be given full membership of the SCO. Pakistan had applied for the body’s membership in 2010. The decision, in principle, to give membership to Pakistan was taken during SCO Heads of the States 2015 meeting held in Ufa, Russia.

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Azhar Ahmad (Expert on World Affairs/CPEC)

The summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization is vital in the current circumstances. This forum can play a dominant role in economic development in the region. It seems that the balance of power is shifting from West to East. It is a good development that Pakistan is becoming a full member of this organization. Pakistan has strong bilateral relations with China and is a main stakeholder in CPEC. Pakistan also wants Iran to be the part of this game changer project. We will have an easy access to international markets, Middle East and Central Asian countries for trade through CPEC.

Host: Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman

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