World Environment Day (WED) is one of the greatest annual events celebrated across the globe on 5th June. The objective of the event is to raise awareness about the leading issue of the sustainability of our environment. The theme designated by the United Nations for this year was ‘Go wild for life: fight against illegal trade in wildlife’. Every year, hundreds of millions of animals and plants are caught or harvested from the wild and unsustainably sold as food, pets, medicine and leather, in a lucrative business that eroded the world’s biodiversity and led to dwindling numbers in species – including rhinos, elephants, gorillas and tigers.

To discuss more about the importance of World Environment Day, team of Rabta program invited Pakistani govt . officials and special workers of UN in Pakistan in Radio Pakistan Islamabad studios. They elaborated the importance of preserving natural recourses and wildlife. They also discussed the working of Pakistani government and UN in achieving healthy and secure environment in Pakistan.

Producer:  Inam Soomro.

Host: Sultana Kokab


Umeed Khalid, Conservator Wildlife, Ministry of Climate Change.

Sajjad Hayder, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change

Jannat Durrani, UN Habitat.

Fasil Nadeem , Water Aid Program Manager

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