The Punjab government has set the target of 4,500 acres of land for the installation of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System during 2014-15 under the High Efficiency Irrigation System Project.

 HEISP Regional Project Director Ahmed Raees told our Multan representative that the agriculture sector is entirely dependent on irrigation as more than 95 per cent of the country’s water is being used for this purpose. 

He installation of the DSIS has so far been done on 515 acres of land in Bahawalpur and Dera Ghazi Khan, the two divisions.

 Mr Raees said the system would be installed in three divisions of the Multan region -- 1,200 acres in Multan, 1,600 acres in Dera Ghazi Khan and 1,600 acres in Bahawalpur. 

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