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US midterms: Republicans retain majority in Senate while Democrats take control of House of Representatives
November 07, 2018

In the US mid term elections, Democrats have retaken the US House of Representatives, while Republicans gained control of the Senate.

The fresh reports say Democrats secured 219 seats, while the Republicans 193 in the House of Representatives. 

Similarly, in the Senate, Republicans got 51 seats, while Democrats grabbed only 45 seats.

The democrats won Republican-held seats in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

In a tweet message, US President Donald Trump felicitated Republicans for gaining majority in the Senate.

Speaking in Washington, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said her party will use its newly won majority to pursue a bipartisan agenda for a country.

European Union has expressed satisfaction over the peaceful and smooth polling in the US-mid term elections.

In a statement, European Union's Observer Mission Head Cristian Preda said the EU team, deployed across the United States, has not yet detected any anomalies in the polls.