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Construction of dams vital for country’s future: Experts
September 07, 2018

Dr. Noor Fatima (IR Expert):

The current water situation in Pakistan is very critical for domestic and irrigation purposes because Pakistan is running out of it. We should not wait much to construct mega water reservoirs. The success of CPEC is also linked with hydroelectricity that is considered one of the cheapest ways to produce energy. Water is lifeline for our country and the new government has timely realized the role of water for the survival of Pakistan. On the other hand government has to educate the masses for effective use of water and its consumption.

Umer Ayub (Leader, PTI): 

Construction of new dams is call of the hour and essential for a vibrant economy. Pakistan has overgrown population of over 200 million people and the numbers are increasing rapidly that can pose great threat to underground water reservoirs. As an agrarian society our major chunk of population is dependent on agriculture and Water scarcity can cast devastating effects on this sector. Overseas Pakistanis should donate generously to overcome this serious threat.

Dr. Gulfaraz Ahmed (Energy Expert):

Construction of news dams on immediate basis is need of the hour. Pakistan should construct at least two times every year. Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dam are great source of energy as they both have potential power generation of over 5300MW. Prime Minister Imran Khan has started a great initiative and appealed the nation including overseas Pakistanis to donate in this regard. He also reiterated his commitment to for safe and effective use of public money.

Tahir Basharat Cheema (Former MD, PEPCO): 

The per capita water availability is dwindling with every passing day as Per capita water availability has decreased from 5260 m3 in 1951 to 1050 m3 by the year 2010. It is unprecedented that any Prime Minister in Pakistan has requested the nation to donate for the construction of dams.  The government should also depute highly professional team in order to complete the dams within speculated time period. Pakistanis must contribute for this noble cause to muster the estimated cost of dams’ around 1500 billion rupees.