Monday, 06 July 2020, 12:43:28 pm
PCB CEO Wasim Khan to donate Rs 1.5m to Board’s Welfare Fund
June 07, 2020

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Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Cricket Board Wasim Khan has announced on Saturday that over the next three months he will personally donate a total of 1.5 million rupees to support former players, match officials, scorers and ground staff who are struggling through financial hardships.

In a statement, he said that this small contribution is to support the Chairman PCB’s Welfare Fund.

He said that we have made a decision to tighten our expenditure over the next 12 months and only award increases to staffers who earn 100,000 rupees a month or less from 1st July.

Meanwhile, in statement, Chairman PCB Ehsan Mani said that he appreciates Wasim Khan’s gesture and commends him for leading by example.

He said that Wasim’s actions show that he is not only a good leader, but one who thinks and cares about the wellbeing of past and present players, and other stakeholders.