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Terrorists using Afghan soil affecting whole world including Pakistan,US: Analysts
February 07, 2018

Dr. Muhammad Khan, Defence Analyst

“The United States has now realized that its perception about Pakistan was not based on reality. The US cannot establish peace in Afghanistan without help of Pakistan. It is not in the interest of the US to disconnect itself from Pakistan. As far as Pakistan’s nuclear program is concerned, it is the safest program as per the parameters set by the United Nations”.

 Dr.  Rashid Ahmad Khan: (IR Expert):

"It is an established reality that Pakistan played a key role in neutralizing command and control system of Al-Qaeda.  Pakistan can also play its role in eliminating Daesh in Afghanistan. The element of terrorism in Afghanistan is not only affecting the US but the whole world.  It is core responsibility of comity of nations to enforce Taliban for dialogue in Afghanistan”.

Hassan Askari Rizvi (Analyst):

“The US wants to make its people realized that it has won war in Afghanistan to justify its budget spent in war against terrorism. It is success of Pakistan’s diplomacy that the US has been compelled to realize the concerns of Pakistan in the region. There are no safe havens in Pakistan. Pakistan has been working successfully on its border management program which is necessary to make world realize that it was sincere to stop infiltration across the border.” 

Lt Gen (Ret) Raza Muhammad Khan: (Defence Analyst)

There is lack of coordination between US President and State Department

There is lack of coordination between US President and State Department.  However, policy is set by the US department. We cannot trust on the United States until practical steps are taken by the US for revival of its relations. The US should reinstate its aid to Pakistan unconditionally.”