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Peace and stability in Afghanistan is in Pakistan's interest: Analysts
February 07, 2018

Dr. Amina Mehmood (IR Expert)

“India is creating hurdles in the way of regional peace and stability, and committing ceasefire violations just to divert the world’s attention from the Kashmir dispute. Pakistani civil and military leadership are on the same page on all issue of national importance. India wanted to establish its hegemony in the region, but it will fail due to Pakistan’s geostrategic importance. Pakistan wants stability and peace in the region. Peaceful and stable Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. The continued provocations along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary could invoke an unbearable response from Pakistan.”

Dr. Ashraf Toor (President, Pak-American Democratic Forum)

“Pakistan successfully tackled terrorism in the region through comprehensive counter-terrorism offensive. US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan rightly said that Pakistan has played an important role in pushing Al-Qaeda closer to defeat. Pakistan is always committed to regional peace and stability. It is United States and India that will be irrelevant in future as Pakistan can never be irrelevant because of its important geographical location. Pakistan will be a super power in the world in future. Pakistan wants good relations with the United States on equality basis. If United States analyzes the ground realities and importance of Pakistan, then there will only be a win-win situation for Pakistan.”


Brigadier, retired, Aftab Afzal (Defense Analyst)

“Indian forces are targeting the innocent civilians along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary, which is a sheer violation of the international laws. Meanwhile, the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day. All these regional challenges have been discussed in the Corps Commanders Conference in Rawalpindi today. The panning and strategies are also discussed to counter these regional challenges. Pakistan had executed number of operations against militants and managed to eradicate terrorism from its soil. It is observed that all the terror incidents in Pakistan were being monitored and operated from Afghanistan. India is using Afghan soil to carry out subversive and terror activities against Pakistan. The United States wants to counter China, Russia and Iran by staying in the region.”

Dr. Huma Baqai (Expert on International Relations)

“Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan as it is in its own national interests. Afghanistan has become the graveyard of American failed policies. For the first time, Pakistan has drawn red lines and adopted clear stance that it does not need American aid and just wants acknowledgement in war against terror. Pakistan is an important stakeholder and is in favor of political solution to the Afghan conflict. International community must take notice of Indian violations of ceasefire along the LoC and the Working Boundary. It is pertinent to mention that over 60 percent of Afghan land is under the control of Taliban. Pakistan will never compromise on its territorial integrity and national sovereignty.”


Dr. Haider Mehdi (Senior Analyst, American University in Sharjah)

“The question arises as to why the United States is prolonging its stay in a land-locked country. What are the objectives of the United States? Being a super power why the United States is unable to restore peace in Kabul? Basically America wants to contain China and Russia by staying in the region and also to explore natural resources in Afghanistan. Pakistan and other stakeholders through diplomatic channels must have to dig out the objectives of United States. The ideology of US President Donald Trump is to rule the world. Some analysts are also of the view that America does not want to accept its defeat in Afghanistan so adopting different polices and is also itself confused.”

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert)

“Policies adopted by the US Administration have resulted in worsening the regional situation. US administration being under the influence of Indian lobby tried to isolate Pakistan by alleging it for having safe havens of the militants. But now, Washington has realized that the concerns of Pakistan cannot be ignored. Pakistan is an important stakeholder and without its support peace in Afghanistan and region is not possible. Pakistani leadership has strongly responded to Washington’s anti-Pakistan statements that forced US administration to review its policies.”