Pakistan making all out efforts for promotion of regional peace and stability: Foreign Minister says Pakistan's legitimate security concerns in the region must be recognized

Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has reiterated Pakistan's stance to play its positive role in bringing peace to the region through measures agreed upon by all relevant stakeholders. Talking to media in Washington, he said Pakistan seeks recognition of its legitimate security concerns in the region. The Minister said Pakistan greatly values its relationship with the United States. He said both countries can continue to work together for the common goal of peace, stability and prosperity in South Asia. Khawaja Asif said Pakistan is extremely concerned about safe havens of terrorists in Afghanistan. He said our armed forces have done extremely well in counter terrorism operations and no other country can match Pakistan's commitment and success.

Analysts on Telephone

Dr Farhat Haq:

Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif's official visit to the United States will be helpful to address the differences. Pakistan wants good ties with the U.S. Pakistan should not deeply consider the official statements issued by the U.S. President Trump's policies and way of thinking is different from former U.S Presidents. There is no other option than collaboration between Pakistan and the U.S. to resolve regional issues.  

Sheikh Rohail Asghar:

Pakistan has to look after its matters itself. The United States exploits Pakistan whenever it wants. Now it’s a high time to rectify our wrongdoings after redesigning our policies. Pakistan needs to defend itself at international fora.

Brigadier (R) Tipu Sultan:

The U.S is engaged in formulating anti-Pakistan policies. Pakistan has lot of other options if the U.S turns a deaf ear on Pakistan's concerns. We do not want rivalry with America. United States and India should refrain from hatching conspiracies against Pakistan. There are no terrorists' safe havens in Pakistan.

Pakistan has done more to eliminate terrorism than rest of the world: Maleeha Lodhi says Pakistan faces threats 'supported and financed from outside its borders'

Pakistan's permanent representative to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi, says Pakistan has turned the tide against terrorism through a series of determined actions. Speaking in a debate on terrorism at the UN General Assembly's Sixth Committee, she said these actions have led to the destruction of terrorist infrastructures and bases in its tribal areas and along the Pak-Afghan border region. Maleeha Lodhi said success of its counter-terrorism operations has resulted in sharp reduction in terrorist activities across Pakistan over the past two years. She said the threat that we face today is primarily supported and financed from outside our borders.

Host: Dr Shafiq 

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