Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said a network of development projects being implemented in every part of the country is true reflection of new Pakistan.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, PML-N leader Maiza Hameed said: “Farmers are contributing major portion in GDP and agricultural sector is backbone of our economy. It is first time that our government has announced relief package for the growers. The previous governments never acknowledged the importance of this sector and always neglected it. Prime Minister has distributed cheques among the farmers at Sialkot and Lodhran as per the announced Kissan package. The Chief Minister of Punjab has also provided free seeds to the farmers. The farmers had faced huge losses due to floods last year and this package will provide compensation to the affectees.”    

PML-N leader Iftikhar-ul Hassan Shah said: “Today, Prime Minister arrived in Sialkot and distributed cheques among farmers. The announced package for growers will ultimately benefit the agricultural sector of our country. Prime Minister has also announced Sialkot to Lahore Motorway, which is a gift by Prime Minister for the people of Sialkot. The people of our district are fully satisfied with the performance of present government as the whole nation is backing prudent policies of the PML-N.”  

Chief Scientist, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Dr. Muneer Ahmed said: “Government had announced Kisan package in September 2015 but it was held in abeyance by election commission of Pakistan due to the concerns of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. This package will ultimately benefit the small growers in the country and also enhance the agricultural production. Prime Minister wants to revive the agricultural sector of the country by facilitating the farmers. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy and this package will further enhance the productivity of this sector. Government has also provided scholarships to the students, who are studying in this sector as well as providing solar tubewells to supply enough water.”  

Economist Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig said: “The package announced by the Prime Minister is a milestone for the farmers and unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. It was a perpetual demand of the farmers and the incumbent government has timely fulfilled the demands and aspirations of them. Pakistan is an agricultural country and it needs an increasing focus on producing agricultural value added products. The farmers need support on urgent basis and PM, while recognizing their dire needs, has made announcement of a comprehensive package. Through the Kissan Package, price of fertilizers including Urea has been reduced considerably. Reduction of Rs. 500 per bag of Urea is really unprecedented. At the end of the day, when farmers are happy, they will produce more crops and country will generate more revenues. CPEC is a game changer not only for the region but also for indigenous growers and businessmen. They can benefit from the regional connectivity and transport their products to international markets, e.g., East Asia, CARs and EU.” 

Economist Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui said: “Prime Minister has been paying full attention on the betterment of trade, industry and agricultural sectors since the formation of his government. The share of agricultural sector in our GDP is currently over six billion dollars but we can increase it up to 50 billion dollars by paying more attention. The enhancement of tax net and improvement in tax collection can boost our economy. The announcement of Kissan package by Prime Minister is a laudable step of incumbent government. This project will benefit the farmers by providing several benefits i.e. interest free loans, subsidies on agricultural equipment, scholarships and solar tubewells. Provincial governments should also adopt prudent policies in agricultural sector. Government should build big and small dams to provide uninterrupted supply of water to the agricultural lands.”

DG Agriculture Extension, Punjab Dr. Anjam Ali said: “Prime Minister earlier announced a comprehensive package of Rs. 341 billion in September, 2015. Now, for the purpose of implementation of announced package, PM has distributed cheques among the small farmers of Lodhran and Sialkot. The government is trying to provide seeds free of cost to the farmers. If the seeds are available in markets on low prices, it will ultimately benefit small farmers and positively affect their production in positive manner. For the implementation of Kissan Package, solar tube wells will be provided on cheap rates. 87% of Pakistani exports comprise of agricultural products. The provincial government along with federal government is working hard to improve quality and quantity of agricultural sector.” 

Senior journalist Haji Nawaz Raza said: “Prime Minister has announced 341 billion rupees package for farmers. Some people wanted to stop this project only on the basis of political grudge but now once again Supreme Court has given it a go ahead. The Prime Minister distributed the cheques among farmers in Sialkot and Lodhran. This package has several reliefs for farmers including cash assistance to small farmers, interest free loans and loans for the installation of solar tube wells. Prime Minister announced multiple development projects and a grant of Rs. 250 million for Lodhran district. He also announced two degree colleges in Lodhran. The network of development projects being implemented in every part of the country is true reflection of new Pakistan.”

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