Corps Commanders conference at General Headquarters in Rawalpindi reviews internal and external security situation of the country and took notice of the RAW’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Presiding over conference, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif asks law enforcement agencies to speed up intelligence based operation against terrorists and their facilitators.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s Nuqta-e-Nazar program, PML-N Senator General (R) Abdul Qayyum said, “Indian intelligence agency RAW is deeply involved in sabotage activities in Pakistan since its creation and now it is using the territory of Afghanistan as a conduit. This issue should be taken in the parliament to discuss the nefarious role of Indian agencies to destabilize Pakistan. Our government is fully committed to implement National Action Plan against terrorism. Prime Minister and COAS have already said that the operation against terrorism will continue till the elimination of last terrorist from our land. After the successful operation in Karachi and FATA, the law and order situation of the country has significantly improved.”

Expert International Affairs Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal said, “India’s involvement in Pakistan to support terrorist and sabotage activities is not a new thing. India has long been involved in such activities that are aimed at destabilizing Pakistan. Now, we have got clear evidence that Indian spy agency RAW is behind all kinds of terrorists activities in Pakistan. There is no doubt that Indian consulates in Afghanistan are secretly helping and training terrorists to launch terrorist activities in Pakistan. We should urge Afghan government to not allow their soil to be used against their neighbors.”

Expert Strategic Affairs Professor Dr. Pervez Iqbal Cheema said, “Chief of Army Staff’s statement is very important because India has been actively involved in hideous activities inside Pakistan for the last many years. Now, the real face of India has been exposed before the whole world after the corps commanders’ conference. India has always tried to destabilize Pakistan and its animosity against us is very clear. Pakistan’s economy is growing on full pace and we have increased economic cooperation with neighboring countries i.e. China, Afghanistan. India is unhappy over the rapid progress of Pakistan and wants to spoil the gains made by the Islamabad government. Corps Commanders clearly indicated that we will not allow anybody to create problems inside the country. India has opened several militant camps to give training to militants.”

Defense Analyst Lt. General (R) Amjad Shoaib said, “We always had concerns on Indian involvement in Pakistan, but now our security agencies have found solid proofs indicating Indian involvement in Balochistan and tribal Areas of the country. India is supporting different terrorist groups in Balochistan and is also providing logistic support to them. Indian government had created relations with Afghanistan after 1947 to create problems for Pakistan and it had received help from northern areas of Afghanistan. Now, Pakistan has good relations with newly elected leadership of Afghanistan. It is the duty of our government to put pressure on Afghan government to stop cross border activities of militants. India has always used Afghan land to destabilize Pakistan. It is need of the hour that we seek the cooperation of Afghanistan to stop the use of its land against Pakistan.”

Taking part in discussion, Defense Analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan said, “It is very rare that crops commanders discuss the role of RAW. Now, if the meeting of senior military officials has discussed the involvement of RAW in Pakistan, it means our security agencies have strong proofs of India’s involvement in Pakistan. Our security agencies will launch operation against terrorists and their facilitators. Corps Commanders have decided to curb Indian involvement by targeted operations. The internal coordination between different law enforcement agencies would be helpful to eliminate the foreign hand in conspiracies against us.”

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