A study says the Quality of Governance during the Federal Government's first year in office has improved as compared to the preceding years.

This was disclosed at the Score Card on Federal Government's Quality of Governance released by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) on Wednesday.

On the average the Federal Government's Quality of Governance during first year in office earned a 44 percent Score.

The score has been awarded in the first-ever exercise of its kind in Pakistan which is based on data for assessment provided by the Federal Government. The assessment of the quality of governance is based on a framework consisting 25 indicators developed by PILDAT .

The Federal Government has scored above 60 percent on three governance parameters including Disaster Preparedness and Management, scoring 62 percent, Merit Based Recruitments and Promotions, 61 percent and Foreign Policy Management scoring 60 percent.

The Government's Anti-Corruption Efforts, Public Sector Development Programme, Peace, Stability and Order, National Defence and Investment Friendliness have scored at or slightly above the 50 percent mark.

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