An international peace conference on Afghanistan is being held in Kabul -Pakistan wants durable peace in the region

A peace conference on Afghanistan called 'Kabul Process' is being held in Kabul today (Tuesday) to discuss international support for sustainable peace efforts in the country and build a consensus in this regard. Delegates from around twenty-eight countries, including Pakistan, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE will attend the conference. Additional Secretary Tasnim Aslam will represent Pakistan. The conference will explore means and ways to expedite the fight against terrorism and common security threats faced by Afghanistan and the region. Pakistan will continue its efforts towards peace in the world. Pakistan wants durable peace in the region.

Host: Abid Abbasi 

Co-Host: Rana Qaiser

Analysts on Telephone 

Dr.Rashid Khan (Expert on Afghan  Affairs )

Hassan Khan (Expert Afghan Affairs )


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