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Foreign Office has emphatically stated that there is no organized presence of any terror outfit including TTP, Jamaat-ul Ahrar, Daesh and Al-Qaeda on Pakistani land.

This was stated by Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya at his weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday.

He said the allegations about presence of Haqqani network in tribal areas are mere rhetoric. This is only aimed at putting the blame of its own failures on Pakistan.

He said the killing of a number of commanders of Haqqani network in Afghanistan clearly indicate that the group is based in Afghanistan and not operating from Pakistan. 

He maintained that as result of effective counter terrorism operations, the terrorists are on the run and their infrastructure has been dismantled. This is also manifested in improved security situation in the country

Nafees Zakariya said during the visit of the US delegation headed by Senator McCain, matters pertaining to Afghanistan were also discussed.

He said Pakistan believes in an Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process. Peace and stability in Afghanistan has direct bearing on peace and stability in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan is ready to assist in all efforts aimed at bringing peace to the neighboring country.

He said India on the other hand is part of problem in Afghanistan and it does not want peace prevailing in the country.

He said the people of Pakistan are the most sincere friends of Afghanistan.

The spokesperson said Pakistan welcomes Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei's recent statement in which he urged the Muslims worldwide to support the oppressed people of Kashmir.

He said the entire Muslim Ummah is concerned over gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.

He said the OIC has repeatedly called for sending fact finding missions to the valley for investigation into the human rights violations there.

The spokesperson said Indian reportedly is using ammunition containing chemical agents to kill the innocent Kashmiri people and damage their properties. 

He said the international organizations should investigate these reports which if confirmed will be sheer violation of international norms and conventions. 

When asked about the sale of advanced weapons to India by different countries, the spokesperson said Pakistan is deeply concerned on the matter which undermines the objectives of preserving strategic balance in the region.

He said Pakistan will continue to raise its voice at the international fora which should objectively assess its actions and policies towards South Asian region.

He said Pakistan is not oblivious to safeguarding its national security.

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