Tripartite meeting of Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tajikistan - All three countries express their firm resolve to fight with international terrorism and extremism.
During the meeting Pakistan and Tajikistan acknowledge that sustainable Afghanistan is the factor for further integration of the region's countries and emphasized the importance of constructive cooperation between the three countries for the regional sustainable development.The three countries  expressed their firm resolve to fight with international terrorism and extremism. They recognized the importance of strengthening trilateral and multilateral cooperation on fight against the extremism, terrorism, illicit drugs trafficking and other transnational organized crimes.Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon, and Afghan President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani were firm that strong interaction among all three countries is the must to fight out terrorism in the region.

PM says that enemies of the country are busy in conspiracies to halt Pakistan's journey to progress and prosperity 

He was talking to journalists on-board his plane while returning home after completing his two-day official visit to Tajikistan.He said the deteriorated situation in Afghanistan has left negative impact on the region.Nawaz Sharif said that development cannot be made without peace and cordial relations with other countries, particularly the neighbours. For this reason, Pakistan is desirous of peace in the region and tranquility in Afghanistan. Turning to internal situation, Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan is making progress, but some foes of the country want to halt this journey.He said the issue of energy shortage is going to be resolved during our constitutional tenure.Inspite of all conspiracies, the Prime Minister said, PML-N will win next general elections as he enjoyed overwhelming support of the people of Pakistan.      
Host : Omer Iftikhar 

Co-Host : Shehzad Farooqi

Analysts on Telephone

Brig (Retd) Tipu Sultan (Defense Expert):

Pakistan is mainly focusing on effective border management along the long border with Afghanistan. After that no unidentified person will travel to and from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Peace and prosperity in the region is not possible until and unless Afghanistan supports Pakistan in war against terrorism. But For this purpose Afghan government has to come out of Indian influence as India is involved in creating misunderstandings between both these countries. The main hurdle in completion of CASA-1000 project is worst prevailing situation in Afghanistan.

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (Expert on Afghan Affairs )

Pakistan always cooperates and provides assistance to Afghanistan for the eradication of terrorism. It is need of the hour that both countries leadership must remain in contact with each other to defeat the menace of terrorism and extremism as well as for the strong and cordial relations. Afghanistan never responds positively the peace efforts made by the Pakistan in the region. Afghan government must realise the situation of the region and he should welcome the sincere efforts of Pakistan made for the regional peace. We should welcome the trilateral meeting held in the Tajikistan.

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