Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar programme of Radio Pakistan’ News and Current Affairs Channel, economist Dr Saboor Ghayyur said: “Government has declared improving economy as its top priority. Pakistan’s economy has been revived and there is a need to sustain its momentum. Government is making efforts to formulate investor friendly policies. On international level, Pakistan’s economic policies have been highly appreciated. Moodys’ has upgraded Pakistan’s ratings due to which foreign investors are now more willing to invest in the country. With new foreign investments, people will benefit due to increased job opportunities.”

Abdur Razzaq, an economic expert, said: “The economic policies of the current government are positive. Economy has significantly improved in the last one year and foreign investment has increased. The difference between government spending and revenues will further reduce in the coming years. There is a need to increase the tax and revenue base to further improve the economy. Tax rate should be reduced in order to bring more people into the tax fold. Foreign investors have a firm belief in this government’s policies and the investor confidence should be retained.”

Faiz Paracha, another economic expert, said: “Growth rate of economy has improved during one year. Some of the steps taken by the government, including launching of Euro Bonds in the international market and keeping the dollar vs rupee exchange rate stable, are a remarkable achievement. It takes time to resolve crises and the projects started by the government in the power sector will bear fruit in the coming years.”

Dr. Pervaiz Amir said: “To keep the value of rupee stable is a big achievement of the government. The projects started by the government should be completed at the earliest to bring benefits to the people. Foreign investors are coming to Pakistan despite security challenges and the threat of terrorism, which is a manifestation of trust on the government’s policies. Government should also invest in the agriculture sector as it forms the backbone of our economy.” 



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