Nafees Zakaria urges the international community to take notice of the atrocities being perpetrated by the Indian troops and grave human rights violations in the Occupied Kashmir. Resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of Kashmiris and UN resolutions is the only way for durable peace in the region. Recent offer of mediation by US Ambassador to the United Nations testifies the fact that Indian's stubbornness has jeopardized the regional peace. Islamic Military Alliance is focused on combating terrorism and is not against any country.

Analyst on Telephone:

Raja Farooq Haider (Prime Minister, Azad Jammu Kashmir)

Indian brutalities in IOK have reached to maximum limit. Many people have lost their eye sights as a result of pellet guns and many Hurriyet leaders are house arrested. There is no one to ask India the reason to kill the innocent Kashmiris. There will be a positive impact on global community of Pakistan’s moral and diplomatic support to Kashmir. Modi’s inflexible policies will be harmful for India itself and regional peace as well. We will welcome any fact finding mission to visit our territory. India will never do so as it is aware of the fact that it’s cruel face will be exposed in front of the world.

Fauzia Nasreen (Former Ambassador)

India is of the stance that it will never resolve its outstanding issues with Pakistan through dialogue. India is even refusing the proposals of other countries of playing the role of mediator in resolving Kashmir dispute. Intentional community must pressurize India to give the Kashmiri people their right to self-determination. Violation of human rights is the Indian culture. Basically, India wants the hegemony and dominance in the region. India may ready to sit on table of dialogue without having Kashmir dispute in the agenda. Indian dual face has already been exposed in front of the world. Even the minorities in India are not safe from Modi’s extremist policies.

Dr. Farooq Hasnat (IR Expert)

India does not want any mediation through global powers to resolve Kashmir issue. Kashmir situation is getting worst and out of Indian control because of Modi’s policies. The movement of Kashmir has gained momentum and will never be affected by the Indian brutalities. Pakistan is effectively highlighting Kashmir issue and violation of human rights in the valley by Indian forces on all international forums. The Islamic Military Alliance is not against any country but is against the militant groups and terrorism.

Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif (Defense Analyst)

It is good news that United States has offered to play its role of mediator between Pakistan and Indian in resolving Kashmir dispute. Many countries including Russia have been focusing on to improve bilateral relations with Pakistan and expressing willingness to be the part of CPEC. We are not much clear about the agenda of Islamic Military Alliance so far. All the Islamic countries including Iran should be the member of this alliance.

Host: Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman

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